Earn Free Multibucks Upon Completing The Finals Season 2 Career Circuit!


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Earn Free Multibucks Upon Completing The Finals Season 2 Career Circuit!

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Many players were surprised to know that completing contracts in the Career Circuit would reward them with free Multibucks.
The Rookie stage of the Career Circuit offers 125 Multibucks upon completion.

The Finals Season 2 update has finally been released and numerous fans are excited to try out the new SYS$HORIZON map, weapons, gadgets, the “Hacker” playstyle, and a lot more. Apart from fresh items, the devs have also revamped the Ranked League and added the Career Circuit, a new form of challenges, which will stay until the end of Season 2. 

While this feature has mainly been introduced to appeal to a newer audience, it also offers 13 free gifts for all players upon completing all the Circuit challenges. What many gamers fail to realize is that the Career Circuit also offers free Multibucks as a reward upon completing a circuit. Here’s everything you need to know!

How Does the Career Circuit Work in The Finals Season 2?

Once you jump into Season 2 of the game, you can embark on various challenges that are shown in the Career Circuit menu. These challenges are classified into Rookie, Challenger, Pro, and Masters Circuits. All players regardless of their level and rank will begin their Circuit as Rookies and must work their way to Masters by completing all of the Circuit challenges in each category.

While the first one is available right away, entering the Challenger Circuit requires you to complete four contracts from the Rookie Circuit. However, the Pro and Masters Circuits are currently locked behind a timer and will unlock as you progress through Season 2. You also need to know that there are several contracts within each of these categories.

Although Rookie only has one stage of seven contracts, the rest of the Circuits contain four stages each. Each of these holds seven contracts and a new stage of contacts will unlock with every subsequent week, offering a total of 28 challenges per Circuit. You will be offered 13 different gifts upon completing all Circuits and it will also act as a great way to progress through the Battle Pass as well.

Career Circuit Acts as an Additional Way to Earn Free Multibucks

As mentioned above, Career Circuit is a new and overhauled version of challenges, which will offer several enticing rewards upon completion, one of them being Multibucks, the main currency used to purchase skins and other cosmetic items in the game. This caught many players by surprise, as they did not expect such a gesture from the developers at Embark.

As expected, several players were overjoyed with the dev’s decision, some even praising Embark for managing Microtransactions in the least predatory way. The game seems to offer 125 Multibucks upon the completion of one Circuit even on the initial Rookie stage. This means players could potentially earn a maximum of 500 Multibucks in one season if the same is offered in all four Circuits. Apart from completing the free tiers in the Battle Pass and Registering your account with Embark, the Career Circuit now works as another reliable way to acquire free Multibucks in the game.

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