The Finals Gadget Tier List for Every Class (Season 1)


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The Finals Gadget Tier List for Every Class (Season 1)

Abhimannu Das
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Here are the best gadgets for all three Contestant classes in The Finals Season 1.
You should always have an assortment of gadgets that pair well with your preferred weapons and playstyle.

The Finals allows you to set up custom loadouts featuring your favorite abilities, gadgets and weapons. Pairing the right gadgets with your contestant's loadout can make all the difference in the world. Melee weapons can be devastating when paired with invisibility wheras items like defibrillators and shields can be useful in situations where you are in a coordinated team with comms. Here's a quick rundown of all the best gadgets in The Finals in case you are looking for loadout recommendations.

The Finals: Best Gadgets for the Light Class

  • S Tier: Stun Gun, Glitch Grenade, Vanishing Bomb

  • A Tier: Frag Grenade, Breach Charge, Gas Grenade, Smoke Grenade

  • B Tier: Motion Sensor, Goo Grenade

  • C Tier: Jump Pad, Nest

The light class excels in mobility and flanking. Gadgets like Stun Gun and Glitch Grenade help with close-quarters combat, while Vanishing Bomb allows tactical retreats.

Frag Grenades, Breach Charges, and Gas Grenades provide offensive options, while Smoke Grenades support teammates. Motion Sensor offers situational awareness, Goo Grenade can slow enemies, while Jump Pad and Nest are less versatile.

The Finals: Best Gadgets for the Medium Class

  • S Tier: Defibrillator, Jump Pad, APS Turret

  • A Tier: Breach Charge, Smoke Grenade, Flashbang

  • B Tier: Gas Grenade, Motion Sensor, Stun Gun

  • C Tier: Goo Grenade, Dome Shield

The medium class focuses on support and versatility. Defibrillator revives teammates, Jump Pad offers mobility, and APS Turret defends objectives. Breach Charges create paths, Smoke Grenades conceal movements, and Flashbangs initiate pushes.

Gas Grenades and Motion Sensor offer area denial, Stun Gun disrupts close encounters, while Goo Grenade and Dome Shield are less impactful.

The Finals: Best Gadgets for the Heavy Class

  • S Tier: RPG-7, C4, Dome Shield

  • A Tier: Barricade, Flashbang, Gas Grenade

  • B Tier: Goo Grenade, Motion Sensor

  • C Tier: Stun Gun, Jump Pad, Nest

The heavy class excels in defense and area control. RPG-7 deals heavy damage, C4 destroys obstacles and enemies, and Dome Shield provides personal protection.

Barricade strengthens positions, Flashbangs disorient enemies, and Gas Grenades zone them out. Goo Grenade offers situational slow, Motion Sensor warns of danger, while Stun Gun, Jump Pad, and Nest are less valuable.

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