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The Finals: Weapon Tier List for Every Class (Season 1)

Abhimannu Das
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Here is our definitive weapon tier list for Season One of The Finals.
We have weapons included for all three classes and you should use the tier list as a reference point for early game unlocks.

The Finals allows you to unlock a host of gadgets and weapons for every class and progression can feel a little slow as a new player. If you are not sure about which weapons or gadgets to unlock first, here's our The Finals weapon tier list for every class that can help you decide.

The Finals Weapon Tier List for Season 1

Before we get into the tier list, you should know that your personal skill level can greatly affect your results with each weapon. If you are skilled at long-range combat, snipers and rifles might yield far better results than SMGs and shotguns. You should always play with what works for you and we recommend experimenting with all weapons to find a comfortable loadout.

S Tier (Top Picks):

Light Weapons:

  • XP-54 (High damage, good accuracy)

  • V9S (Fast fire rate, decent damage)

  • Throwing Knives (High burst damage, utility for throwing around corners)

Medium Weapons:

  • FC.AR (High damage, good recoil control)

Heavy Weapons:

  • Lewis Gun (Large magazine, sustained fire)

  • SA1216 (High damage shotgun)

A Tier (Strong Contenders):

Light Weapons:

  • M11 (Balanced stats, fast draw)

  • LH1 (High damage revolver)

  • AKM (Fast fire rate, versatile)

Medium Weapons:

  • R.357 (High damage revolver)

  • M60 (Large magazine, good for suppressing)

Heavy Weapons:

  • Flamethrower (Area denial, crowd control)

B Tier (Average):

Light Weapons:

  • SR-84 (Low damage, high accuracy)

  • Model 1887 (Powerful shotgun, limited range)

Medium Weapons:

  • B9S (Burst fire SMG, moderate damage)

Heavy Weapons:

  • Sledgehammer (High melee damage, situational)

C Tier (Below Average):

Light Weapons:

  • Dagger (Low damage, utility)

Medium Weapons:

  • SH1900 (Low damage, semi-auto)

Heavy Weapons:

  • MGL32 (Grenade launcher, inconsistent damage)

Weapons only make up a part of your loadout. You should also pick the right gadgets and abilities that pair well with your favorite weapons. Your reserve loadout should also include weapons that can make up for potential weaknesses.

For example, if you are using an SMG for close range combat as your primary weapon, your reserve should have a long range weapon to deal with shotgun users or to take out deployables safely. Identify what works best for you and use our tier list only as a reference for unlocks in the early game.

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