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The Finals Season 2 Update: New Skins, Map, Release Time

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The Finals Season 2 is set to release on 14th March with a brand new map, battle pass and more.
SYS$HORIZON is the newest map to be added to The Finals' map pool.

The Finals Season 2 is set to launch today (14th March). It brings a bunch of exciting new content for players to jump into. If you are excited to try out all of the new content, here's a quick summary of everything to expect.

The Finals Season 2: What's New?


This glitchy, neon-colored cityscape map offers a unique twist on gameplay. The map itself is dynamic, meaning there can be variations in layout and features that can impact your strategy.

New Weapons & Gadgets

  • Weapons: Season 2 introduces the 93R machine pistol (light class), FAMAS assault rifle (medium class), and KS-23 slug shotgun (heavy class) for fresh combat options.

  • Gadgets: Each class gets a new gadget to play with. For example, the light class has the "Gateway" which lets you create a teleportation portal, while the medium class can use the "D.Materializer" to dematerialize walls for strategic movement.

New Playstyle: Hacker

This season introduces a "Hacker Playstyle" that lets you manipulate the arena with unique gadgets and specializations. It adds a new layer of strategy for those who want to approach the game differently.

Other New Features

  • Power Shift Game Mode: A frantic 5v5 team mode where teams fight for control points that shift around the map.

  • Revamped Ranked League: Expect a more rewarding and competitive experience with the reworked ranked system.

  • Weekly Career Circuit: Earn rewards through weekly challenges in this new addition.

  • Private Matches: Finally, you can set up private matches to play with your friends.

When Does The Finals Season 2 Kick Off?

The new season will commence at 0:00 UTC / 5 PM PST. The patch for the new update is not live yet and there is no scheduled maintenance ahead of the update.

The new battle pass will also go live at the same time and expect to get a host of new cosmetics and other items for 1125 Multibucks.

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