Defective Wall in Escape From Tarkov Hideout: All We Know So Far

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Escape from Tarkov players are talking about the Defective Wall in Hideout.
Here’s all we know about this currently.

Battlestate Games released the latest update for Escape from Tarkov via the 0.13 update and this went live on 28th December. This patch brought forth the much-awaited Streets of Tarkov map, new weapons, shooting range upgrade levels, and the start of the new wipe. All player gear and progress in the game reset, prompting players to start afresh. This update saw a very big spike in players in the game as well as those watching the game live on streaming platforms including Twitch. With the new update, players have identified a hidden feature in Hideout called the “defective wall.

This article will look into what Hideout in Escape from Tarkov is and also what this defective wall feature is about.

Hideout in Escape from Tarkov

The Hideout in Escape from Tarkov is basically your personal base. This area lets you build different facilities and amenities that will give you unique features and bonuses for your character. Players will have to make the best use of their Hideout for the overall progression in Escape from Tarkov. 

When you launch the game, you will notice a menu called “Hideout” next to the main menu and by clicking on it, you will be navigated to the dark base. The Hideout has different sections or modules that you can later construct. Although the Hideout feature is completely independent of Escape from Tarkov’s main gameplay, avoiding this will cost you several bonuses in-game. 

Now, players have found something interesting in the Hideout that has to do with a “defective wall.”

How can you locate the defective wall?

Follow these below-mentioned steps to locate the defective wall in Hideout:

  • Go to Hideout

  • Click on Stash (the carton box icon)

  • Use the right arrow button on the bottom part of the screen and go to the farthest option

  • You will see a construction pop-up. It will read, “A piece of a wall with swollen paint. Nothing serious, but it might become a problem soon.

  • The construction time will read 0 hours and you will have a ‘Construct’ Option.

  • Click on Construct.

  • Once it’s complete, it will say that the unit is ready to be installed and a smaller text will appear on the bottom of the screen: Defective Wall is ready for installation.

  • Now, you will see an ‘Install’ Option in the pop-up and when you click on it, no installation will take place.

While a lot of players believe that this is a genuine bug, some players feel that this has got to be more than that.  Twitter user LogicalSolutions wrote, “BSG [Battlestate Games] has removed the ability to 'construct' the Defective Wall in the hideout - I think this is one of those "time-gated" releases we will get. My guess: Wall has a long upgrade process, turns into a gym, which then needs to be crafted as well.

Likewise, one Redditor also speculated, “[Defective Wall] Might be the spot for the gym, or maybe hideouts can randomly be raided?”  On a YouTube video explaining how to locate the Defective Wall, one user commented, “Same here with me. I wonder if it has something to do with the recent talks about fitness coming into Tarkov.

If the guesses made by the community are true, there could be a fitness center or a gym coming to Tarkov very soon.

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