Colleagues Part 2 Quest is a continuation of a previous quest given by the Therapist.


Colleagues Part 2 Quest in Escape From Tarkov Explained

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Colleagues Part 2 Quest is a continuation of a previous quest given by the Therapist.
The quest happens on Shoreline and here’s how you complete it.

Colleagues Part 2 quest is a continuation of the first part in Escape from Tarkov. It is given by trader Elvira Khabibullina, known by her alias "Therapist." Notably, Colleagues Part 1 Quest took place on the Shoreline, the fourth location that was added to the game. Players should be wary of Scavs, Sanitar, Knight, Big Pipe, Birdeye, and Cultists while at this location. In the first part of the quest, players were required to identify three different groups of bodies of people who the Therapist hired. 

The storyline is that the Therapist hired multiple groups to go to Shoreline to find a doctor, enter into negotiations and offer the best terms. “But today, none of the groups got in touch. We need these medications, I've got clients... ahem, people in need to worry about. Find my people and find out what happened,” she adds.

Now that we’ve discovered all of them are dead, we go back to the Therapist to do the next set of tasks. Here’s everything you need to know about Colleagues Part 2 quest.

Colleagues Part 2 Quest Guide

When the Therapist learns that her men are dead she acknowledges that they need to approach this case differently since this new source of medicine is important. She informs that her assistant managed to bribe a local from the Shoreline to tell us about Sanitar, the medic in question. “He has a small security detail, a few spots on the shoreline, but what's strange is that he performs surgery right on the street, and often hides his tools near such places, in buildings nearby. Get me these tools. Sanitar will be more cooperative if he realizes that we can stop his trade at any time and take control of the territory,” she adds.

The key objectives of Colleagues Part 2 quest are:

  • Obtain Sanitar's Surgery kit marked with a blue symbol

  • Hand over the surgery kit to the Therapist

  • Obtain Sanitar's ophthalmoscope

  • Hand over the ophthalmoscope

Firstly, to obtain the surgery kit, you will have to make your way to the Pier on Shoreline. The surgery kit can be located on the second floor of the office building at the Pier. You will find it on top of a wardrobe.

The ophthalmoscope can be found at the Sanitar’s house in Cottages. It can be found in the locked villa, near the swamp. However, note that you need a Cottage back door key to unlock the back door to enter the locked villa. Once you head to the second floor, you will find the ophthalmoscope in the left-hand room, inside a plant pot on the table.

Now you can do the Colleagues Part 2 quest safely by extracting after recovering one item at a time or if you are feeling confident you can get your hands on both the surgical kit and the ophthalmoscope before you extract without dying.

Rewards for Colleagues Part 2 Quest

The rewards for Colleagues Part 2 Quest are as follows:

  • +12,400 EXP

  • Therapist Rep +0.04

  • 60,000 Roubles (Without an Intelligence Center)

  • 63,000 Roubles with Intelligence Center Level 1

  • 69,000 Roubles with Intelligence Center Level 2

  • 1× Surv12 field surgical kit

  • 1× P22 (Product 22) stimulant injector

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