xQc is one of the biggest streamers on Twitch. Here's a list of xQc BTTV emotes to use in chat


Best xQc BTTV Emotes to Use in Twitch Chat

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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xQc is one of the biggest streamers on Twitch.
You can use custom, animated xQc emotes on his channel as he has added many exclusive BTTV ones.

Félix “xQc” Lengyel is one of the most popular and most recognized streamers on Twitch. xQc has been very influential in the esports and gaming ecosystem and notably, his esports career began with Overwatch. He played professionally for the Dallas Fuel in the Overwatch League's inaugural season and was released midway through the season owing to repeated controversy and suspensions. He also played for Team Canada in the Overwatch World Cup from 2017 to 2019. Currently, he is one of the most impactful streamers and content creators on Twitch and is known for not “having a filter.” However, this unapologetic behavior of his makes him very entertaining to watch.

xQc’s Twitch streams are known for the variety of content and he plays different game titles. xQc has a bunch of dedicated BTTV [Better TV] emotes on his chat that feature him and the infamous green frogs. However, note that the stream in which you are typing these emotes needs to have enabled them beforehand for you to see them on chat. Otherwise, you can always spam these xQc BTTV emotes on his channel as he has added them. 

Here are some of the best xQc BTTV emotes that you can use.

xQc BTTV emotes

Firstly, before diving into the list of xQc BTTV emotes, let us understand what BTTV actually is. BTTV is a third-party browser extension that allows viewers to use emotes and animated spots in Twitch chat. The extension does not run these emotes through Twitch directly, letting viewers use emotes that have been taken down on Twitch. It offers extra emoticons, usernames, word, and phrase highlighting, an anonymous chat feature, and also allows people to hide visual noises like bits.

Streamers on Twitch can link accounts and add custom emotes. This way, all the users in their chat can enjoy these custom emotes on the channel’s chat. xQc also has an array of BTTV emotes enabled in his chat and some of them are very funny.


AGANEIguess is an animated emote that features Pepe the frog and xQc. It is a variation of the Sadge emote that depicts Pepe with a sad, disappointed expression and a downward glance. As the animation rolls, you will notice that Sadge is wearing a face mask with xQc on it to hide the sadness.


Mald is a common word in Twitch lingo. It originates from two separate words ‘mad’ and ‘balding’ and means that you are mad and balding at the same time. The word is jokingly used to refer to people who seem to be so mad that they start going bald. xqcMald is another xQc BTTV custom emote that shows Felix yelling at the camera on a loop. His chat uses it when he loses in a game and rages.


xqcSearch is yet again another emote that features xQc. In this animated emote, you can see xQc get too close to his webcam and just show his magnified eye, as if he’s searching for something.


PepePls is an animated BTTV emote that features Pepe the Frog dancing by turning left and right. xqcPls is a variation of this emote and instead of Pepe’s face, xQc is featured in it.


The JuiceCheck is an xQc BTTV emote and is a variation of the modCheck emote. If you don’t know what modCheck is, it is an animation of a fish looking over its shoulders. Twitch chat generally uses these emotes to say “Who asked?” when someone presents a piece of information without being asked for it. Sometimes, when the chat starts spamming and there are no moderators to stop it, viewers use modCheck.

Some other xQc BTTV emotes to use in xQc’s chat are as follows:

  • xqcBaited

  • xqcDitch

  • VeryPog

  • xqcTechno

  • xqcDrive

  • xqcSmash

  • xqcFinger

You should be careful while typing in these emotes because they are case-sensitive. Please make sure that you copy and paste the above-mentioned xQc BTTV emotes as they are to enjoy them in chat.

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