xQc Recreates The Iconic 'Summit' CS:GO Blunder


xQc Recreates the Iconic 'Summit' CS:GO Mistake on Overpass

The popular Twitch streamer just can't seem to catch a break.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Twitch star xQc went viral across the gaming community after recreating the iconic 'Summit' moment on Overpass.
He secured a great triple kill with the AWP and then ended up burning to his own Molotov throw right before the next round was about to start.
The whole Twitch chat erupted in a chant of '1g' with one of his teammates commenting "I didn’t realize I was playing with Summit”.

It is great to see one of the most popular Twitch streamers, Felix "xQc" Lengyel, pickup CS:GO as one of his regular titles these days and actually try to improve himself. However, it has not been an easy journey with his viewers giving him a bit of a hard time coupled with every blunder of his going viral across the gaming community.

In the most recent clip of his which went viral, xQc can be seen recreating the iconic 'Summit' moment from DreamHack Zowie Open in 2016, but the map is Overpass instead of Train.

The 26-year-old streamer was actually playing really well and was on a hot streak that round, before accidentally falling victim to a Molotov and getting trolled by his viewers who started spamming '1g' in the chat instantly.

[Watch] xQc recreates the classic 'Summit' blunder on Overpass

Everyone knows and has at least once seen the classic CS:GO clip where Jaryd "summit1g" Lazar dies to his Molotov while competing as a professional player for Splyce against Counter Logic Gaming during the DreamHack Zowie Open in 2016.

Well, xQc recently reminded his viewers of the embarrassing moment by recreating that iconic moment with a change in scenery. He has been streaming a ton of CS:GO and the one thing which is clear as day to everyone is that the popular Twitch streamer is not very good at the game.

However, this does not affect xQc one bit who is trying to improve at the game, due to which moments such as these are bound to occur making it quite the hilarious yet wholesome experience for everyone involved.

While playing on Overpass, xQc during the 20th round while playing CT-sided and armed with an AWP decided to hold 'A-Long' himself. He started off well picking up the opening kill and followed it up with two more, securing a solid triple for his side.

Somewhere else on the map his teammate got the remaining two kills and they won the round, but right before this xQc had thrown a Molotov somewhere on the 'A-Site'.

After the round got over, he was running back to the site through a smoke and ended up taking damage from the burning Molotov he had thrown earlier. This resulted in him dying before the round could reset, throwing away all his equipment including the AWP.

Holding his head in his hands, disappointed in what he had just done, one of his teammates rubbed salt on the wound by commenting, "I didn’t realize I was playing with Summit,” with the Twitch chat also following suite by continuously spamming "1g".

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