Twitch Star xQc Goes Viral After Hilarious CS:GO Fail


Popular Twitch Streamer xQc Goes Viral After Hilarious CS:GO Fail

Seems like a great representation of North American CS....

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Twitch star xQc has gone viral across the gaming community following his hilariously disastrous gameplay on Cache.
He sabotaged his teammate by throwing poor utility and bad communication, while his teammate kept thinking it was the enemy team doing it.

It is great to see some of the most popular faces on Twitch picking up CS:GO since the PGL Antwerp Major 2022. The game is one of the easiest to pick up but takes a lifetime to master perfectly, so there are times when a player ends up creating a whole lot of mess out of nothing.

Something similar recently transpired with Twitch star Felix "xQc" Lengyel on Cache. A hilarious fail as he sabotaged his own team with extremely poor utility usage and almost no proper communication.

The clip has since gone viral across the gaming community, but it is not a surprise for his regular viewers as xQc has a tendency to leave his viewers in splits through his hilarious gameplay and on-screen antics.

Twitch star xQc goes viral after hilariously sabotaging his teammates in CS:GO on Cache

It is a great experience when Twitch stars move out of their comfort zone and try out new stuff, xQc is someone who is not afraid of experimenting with different game titles and his viewers absolutely love this about him.

No matter what he is up to, there is a way xQc ends up making it a fun experience for everyone involved. This time the same happened in CS:GO, leaving many gamers in absolute splits as he broke his team down single-handedly with disastrous utility usage, coupled in with wrong information that completely bamboozled everyone involved.

In the clip above, a lot of things are happening too fast and all of it just keeps piling on to the chaos, making it one of the the most hilarious CS:GO clips out there.

Playing CS:GO along with another Twitch streamer 'Jesse', xQc decided to prank him in the middle of an intense round on Cache by acting dumb. The two players were in 'Mid' with one of them hiding towards 'Sandbags', as xQc decided to chuck a Molotov through a small window.

However, he ended up missing his mark and trapped his teammate instead who thought the enemy team had done the deed, "I just got mollied, I think they mollied me," said xQc's teammate in surprise.

Instead of informing him that he had messed up his Molotov lineup and owning up to his mistake, xQc decided to stay tight lipped on the matter and informed Jesse that he had still not used his Molotov.

This was followed by an uninformed flashbang being used by xQc that caught his team by surprise and to top it all off he ended up fragging his own teammate with a perfect headshot.

xQc about to deliver a perfect headshot to his teammate

This clip has gone viral across the gaming community with CS:GO players absolutely loving every bit of that disastrous gameplay. The fact that it happened with xQc and goes exactly in sync with the type of personality he is just added more flavor to the hilarious play.

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