[Watch] CS:GO Players Execute 'OlofBoost 2.0' During Antwerp Major Showmatch

Did any of them get a call from Fnatic's manager?!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>CS:GO Players Execute 'OlofBoost 2.0' During Antwerp Major Showmatch</p></div>

CS:GO Players Execute 'OlofBoost 2.0' During Antwerp Major Showmatch


Professional CS:GO players executed a rare pixel boost on Overpass during the showmatch at PGL Antwerp Major 2022.
This triple man pixel boost executed by es3tag, Spinx, and Jabbi has been labelled as 'Olofboost 2.0'.
Armed with a SCAR-20, es3tag even found success by hunting down two players who had absolutely no clue what happened.

The PGL Antwerp Major 2022 has come to an end with FaZe Clan lifting the trophy and becoming the first international CS:GO lineup to achieve this feat. While the last day of the tournament had a lot of exciting moments from the main clash between NAVI and FaZe, a play was observed during the showmatch between Team Smoke and Team Flash which turned a lot of heads and is now being called 'Olofboost 2.0'.

As can be expected from the name itself, the pixel boost executed by Patrick "es3tag" Hansen, Lotan "Spinx" Giladi, and Jakob "Jabbi" Nygaard on Overpass caught the opponents completely off-guard as they scrambled around the 'B-Site' frantically, confused as to where exactly were they being shot from.

'OlofBoost 2.0' spotted on Overpass during the PGL Antwerp Major 2022 showmatch

A unique three-man pixel boost was spotted on Overpass during the showmatch at PGL Antwerp Major 2022, as a rush of excitement passed through the audience and even caught the casters by surprise.

Three members from 'Team Smoke', in the 19th round of the match taking place on Overpass, rushed towards the wall on 'A-Short' while playing as defenders and executed the cheeky triple boost to peek the attackers on the 'B-Site'.

The team had a broken buy but had taken a decision to invest in a SCAR-20 which is a semi-automatic sniper rifle. Armed with the weapon, es3tag who was the main player boosted to peek over the wall, was able to take down two unsuspecting players from 'Team Flash' after letting them infiltrate and take control of the site.

To replicate this boost, two players are first required to setup a normal boost, the player jumping on top of the first player needs to jump once more and tuck himself in a corner. Then the player who had provided the boost needs to go over and execute a run boost with the help of a third player, jumping on top of the levitating player and that is it.

From the clip above one can see the free vision that the boosted player instantly obtains over one half of the 'B-Site'. However, a thing to keep in mind is that not all the shots might result in a frag as there is an invisible obstruction that has been placed by the developers.

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