Rare Triple Boost On Ancient


[Watch] Rare Triple Boost on Ancient by paiN Gaming at Stockholm Major 2021

Probably the first triple boost on Ancient by a professional CS:GO team!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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The Brazilian team paiN Gaming used this rare triple boost on Ancient against Astralis during the PGL Major Stockholm 2021.
The triple boost was used twice in consecutive rounds. The first attempt did not lead to any frags but the second time an unwary Lucky was taken down.
This is probably the first triple boost on Ancient discovered and executed by a professional CS:GO team.

It has been well over a week since the PGL Stockholm Major 2021 concluded but hype and discussion surrounding the tournament are still alive. One such viral clip which has caught the attention of the CS:GO community is the triple boost by paiN Gaming on Ancient which they used against Astralis.

The Brazilian roster was forced to show their hand on the map early on in the series as they were playing an eliminator against a blazing Danish side. The execution of the boost was on point and flawlessly executed as four players made their way towards 'Construction' and found an unwary Philip "Lucky" Ewald fall victim to their ingenious triple boost.

Rare triple boost on Ancient used by paiN Gaming at the Stockholm Major

Overpass is a map which is generally the breeding ground of such triple and quad boosts, as teams find all sorts of angles to pull them off and catch enemy players by surprise. However, paiN Gaming used their experience and ingenuity to find one such triple boost on Ancient which has great potential to give a team a decisive advantage just seconds into the round.

The downside to using such boosts is its execution. In order to reap the maximum benefits from these boosts, teams need to be flawless and quick in its execution to pick enemy players as they are settling into the overlooking position.

If too much time is spent by the players to setup the boost and wait around hoping for a kill, they will be giving away a lot of map control to the enemy team which only makes things tougher for them.

Note: The triple boost segment starts from 10 mins 30 secs.

The Brazilian team paiN Gaming in the eighth round on Ancient against Astralis executed the triple boost from 'Construction' gives them clear sight into the 'B-Site', especially towards the long part towards the back of the site.

Before successfully hunting Lucky, paiN Gaming had tried to run the boost in the previous rounds as well. Though they did not get a kill in that round, they gathered a lot of information from that play.

Lucky gets spotted holding an angle through a triple boost

However, running this boost over and over again is not recommended as it becomes predictable. It involves far too great a risk especially on a map like Ancient where controlling parts of the map is very important. The attacking side risks too much by committing three players to one uncertain play of this sort.

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