Saffee Godlike Play Against Astralis On Ancient


[Watch] Saffee's Godlike Play Against Astralis, Executes a Rare AWP-Knife Combo

Saffee delivers a tight ranged-melee combo!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Brazilian AWPer saffee takes an incredible double kill with an AWP-Knife combo against Astralis on Ancient.
The godlike play took place on the 'A-Site' of Ancient as saffee delivered two quick blows, first with the AWP and second with the knife.
Astralis claimed the map in overtime and won the series '2-0' to extend its survival.

Astralis continued its win streak through the elimination matches at PGL Major Stockholm 2021, handing a clean '2-0' defeat to paiN Gaming. Despite the loss, paiN put on quite the show especially on the second map Ancient where they took the match all the way into overtime before conceding defeat.

There were a lot of stellar moments throughout the series like the triple kill hold by Philip "Lucky" Ewald to ensure that Astralis takes the game into overtime. But the one that truly stood out was the AWP-Knife combo by Rafael "saffee" Costa, as he snuck behind the Astralis defense on Ancient's 'A-Site' to take a double kill with just 26 HP left to spare.

Saffee hits Astralis with a godlike play on Ancient

Ancient is a map that teams are still trying to figure out properly. It provides a lot of ways for both the defenders and attackers to rotate around the map. This allows for players to hold unexpected angles and make sneaky maneuvers that get them in an advantageous position behind enemy lines.

In the 34th round of the game, Astralis were facing a 4v2 situation on Ancient and this is when saffee executed the godlike play. He made his move towards the 'A-Site' to catch two Astralis players with their back towards him. The 26-year-old had to be quick on the trigger to take them down simultaneously, as both the round timer and his health were running low

This is when he pulled off the most incredible play to shock all the viewers and hype up the casters. Saffee locked his aim onto the player away from him and knocked him down with his AWP, following this up with a quick knife kill to take down the other player as well.

In one look it actually looked like something straight out of an action movie, a special forces operative sneaking behind enemy lines to execute the enemy with finesse. To pull off a move like this, in a situation where one's elimination from the Major is on the line, shows saffee's confidence in his abilities and his strong mental fortitude.

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