GODSENT Baits Astralis To Retake The Wrong Site On Nuke


[Watch] GODSENT Outplay Astralis, Bait Them to Retake Wrong Site on Nuke

GODSENT absolutely bamboozled Astralis on Nuke!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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GODSENT outplayed Astralis by completely misguiding them to retake the wrong site on Nuke.
Astralis players realized that they had been baited hard only after all the utility had been committed for the retake.
However, GODSENT went on to lose the map '16-3' and the series with a '2-0' score, and were eliminated from the PGL Major Stockholm 2021.

Astralis played an eliminator yesterday against GODSENT on the second day of PGL Major Stockholm 2021. After losing consecutive matches on the first day of the Challengers Stage, both the teams were playing for their survival. Astralis finding its form made quick work of the Brazilian roster, handing them a clean '2-0' defeat to advance further in the tournament.

However, there was one masterstroke of a play executed by GODSENT in the 16th round on Nuke which completely bamboozled Astralis, who are ironically considered to be the more crafty and methodical team. The play baited the Danes so hard that they committed to a full retake on the wrong site, making for a hilarious viewing experience.

GODSENT outplays Astralis, baiting them to retake the wrong site on Nuke

It is not often that you see Astralis making a wrong move. Yes, a player or two gets baited every now and then, but it is extremely rare to see the whole team being led astray in the manner Astralis was in their match yesterday against GODSENT on Nuke.

To see Astralis get completely fooled in such a manner was equal parts hilarious and horrifying, as GODSENT led by their in-game leader Epitácio "TACO" de Melo misguided them so well that they committed a full retake on the wrong site.

It was the second pistol round and Astralis had poised themselves to play a retake in case GODSENT committed to a plant on the 'A-Site'. However, the Brazilians after hitting 'A' quickly made their way through the 'Vents' to plant on the 'B-Site'.

The maneuver took place so fast that Astralis thought GODSENT had planted on 'A' itself, only realizing their mistake after all the utility had been committed for a site retake.

The play was hilarious and partly satisfying, more so due to the usual big brain team like Astralis being duped in such a manner. Not only were they fooled, they were made to believe that the plant was on a completely different site.

None of the five players noticed anything wrong and committed wholeheartedly, the realization settling in slowly only for them to back off. The surprise and excitement in the voices of the casters is exactly how the viewers felt after seeing Astralis being tugged around like that.

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