[Watch] Hardzao's Insane 1v4 Clutch Against VP to Defend The Plant on Inferno

Despite being cornered, couldn't be conquered.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Hardzao Insane 1v4 Clutch Against VP On Inferno</p></div>
Hardzao Insane 1v4 Clutch Against VP On Inferno


Hardzao wins a round for paiN Gaming on the back of an insane 1v4 clutch against Virtus.pro.
The 20-year-old held the 'A-Site' on Inferno against four VP players to successfully defend the plant.
VP won the map '16-14' against paiN, making it the most closely contested match in the first round of the Challengers Stage.

The PGL Major Stockholm 2021 has finally started and the plays are raining in one after the other, as teams fight their way through the New Challengers Stage. With 'Round-1' coming to an end, one of the most closely contested matches was played between Virtus.pro and paiN Gaming on Inferno.

Both the teams went toe-to-toe till the very end, gifting the community with a terrific 1v4 clutch coming off Wesley "hardzao" Lopes' rifle. The 20-year-old played with ice in his veins to hold off the Virtus.pro assault, winning his side a crucial round and keeping them alive in a tight match that almost went the distance.

PGL Major 2021 - VP vs paiN: Hardzao's post-plant 1v4 clutch from a single position

Virtus.pro who are coming into the PGL Major 2021 with a last moment roster shuffle registered a tight win against paiN Gaming in their opening bout. However, it was the insane 1v4 hold by hardzao that was the highlight of not only that match but the entire first round of the Challengers Stage.

Facing a one round deficit, paiN went into the 28th round looking to cause further damage. They got a good start finding an entry into the 'A-Site', but soon after the plant hardzao found himself alone holding the 'Backsite' position.

Virtus.pro still had four player up and they started to move in on him from all sides. Without leaving his position, hardzao threw a Molotov to cover one angle and swung in the other direction to find his first frag. He followed up by stringing two more kills in quick succession, dancing aroundhis position for a bit before securing the final frag as well.

The 20-year-old clutched a crucial round for his side, securing a very difficult 1v4 despite being cornered and outnumbered. He somehow kept his calm and connected his shots, crisp and accurate, equalizing the scores at '14-14'.

paiN Gaming celebrates the clutch

Though paiN Gaming lost to pistols in the following round and ended up dropping the match '16-14', that particular clutch shone bright, showing the potential that this team and particularly hardzao packs.

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