All 3 Aces Taken On First Day Of PGL Major Stockholm 2021


[Watch] All Three Aces Taken on First Day of PGL Major Stockholm 2021

The old dogs were on fire on the opening day of the Major!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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A total of three aces were secured on the opening day of the PGL Major Stockholm 2021.
Olofmeister, Karrigan, and Felps were the three players who took an ace each on the first day of PGL Major 2021: Challengers Stage.
Team Spirit was really unfortunate as they were on the receiving end of all the three aces.

The PGL Major Stockholm 2021 kicked off yesterday on 26th October 2021 and it was a sight to behold, as the best teams from across the world showcased some top-notch CS:GO action. Despite 60 debutants participating in the Major, veterans were the ones who secured all the aces on the first day of the Challengers Stage.

Olof "olofmeister" Kajbjer Gustafsson, Finn "karrigan" Andersen, and João "felps" Vasconcellos were the players who registered aces to their names on the opening day. However, this was unfortunate for Team Spirit as all the aces were registered against them.

Here is a quick look at all the fantastic penta-kill encounters, with more on their way as the action shall go till 7th November 2021.

All three aces registered on PGL Major Stockholm 2021: Challengers Stage Day-1

The inaugural ace of the PGL Major 2021 came off olofmeister's rifle as he held the area near 'Short Tunnel' and 'Tracks' patiently waiting for Team Spirit to make their move.

After taking the first frag through a smoke, olofmeister played the clock perfectly to catch Spirit's rotation towards the 'B-Site'. He showed a bit of trigger discipline before clicking consecutive heads and then carried the momentum forward to deliver the final two blows.

Olofmeister's teammate and captain, karrigan, who was already having a strong performance on the map was motivated to take an ace of his own, just a few rounds later in the same match.

With FaZe Clan leading by a score of '14-10', karrigan was with the momentum and finally found his ace in the 25th round with an M4A1-S. Playing around 'Pillar', he obliterated the advancing members of Spirit despite being flashed and forced off-angle.

The final ace of the day was secured by the Brazilian rifler felps on Nuke while armed with an M4A1-S, the new CT-sided rifle currently in the meta. Once again it was Team Spirit on the receiving end, but despite giving away the ace they at least had the will this time to fight it out and walk away as the winners.

Being a lurker, felps did a really good job of it in the 18th round as he moved around the map to pickoff players here and there, before finally securing a tight 1v2 clutch defuse.

These were the three aces that came forth on the first day of the PGL Major Stockholm 2021. With 12 more days of top-tier CS:GO action left to be played out, there are bound to be a lot more of these coming our way.

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