CS:GO Players Execute Five Man Boost On Inferno


[Watch] CS:GO Players Execute a Ridiculous Five Man Boost on Inferno

A rare five man boost was recently discovered on Inferno!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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A player discovered a rare five-man boost on Inferno to peek from 'T Ramp' to 'Top Mid'.
This full squad boost is not particularly useful but in some rarer cases it can surely be used to catch the opposition off-guard in regular matchmaking .
It is still worthy of an applause for the player along with his team to find such a boost after all these years.

There are a wide number of things that are constantly being discovered by CS:GO community members, but among them the discovery of boosts, especially those requiring more than two players, are some of the rarest, with of course Overpass being the obvious exception in this regard.

The latest discovery that has gone viral across the CS:GO community is a ridiculous five man boost on the most unexpected active duty map, Inferno.

Despite being attractive at first glance, the thing about five man boosts is that they are a whole lot of nothing in the end. Similarly, even this full squad effort is all talk no show, except for when the attacking team is lucky enough to steal themselves an AWP on an eco round with the whole team still alive and going for a save.

Absurd five man boost on Inferno to peek 'Top Mid' from 'T-Ramp'

There are a whole lot of multiple-player boosts out there in CS:GO, most of them being utilized on Overpass, but every now and then you spot one on some of the other maps which can be fairly useful in special situations. However, this particular one on Inferno literally has no proper use besides trolling the opposition when you are losing too bad or winning by a huge margin.

A thing to appreciate here is the fact that someone was able to find a full squad boost, utilizing every member of the team to achieve almost nothing. These are still some of the rarest to come across such as the Nuke five man runboost being the only other one to have gone viral in recent times, but that one was mighty impressive.

Though the user has not explained or shown how the boost was made possible, it can be seen that the staircase railing was used to find that extra bit of stretch to peek over the building to view 'Top Mid'.

Inferno Five Man Boost

In the clip above, the user was even able to find two picks fairly early on in the round which means that there is still some scope for this play, maybe in low ranked regular matchmaking or the essentially the perfect scenario explained above.

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