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Best Warwick Build in League of Legends

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Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Warwick is one of the easiest junglers to play in League of Legends because of his in-built sustain.
Alternatively, he can also be played as a top laner.
These are the best build paths that players can go on Warwick jungle.

Warwick, the Blood Hunter, was first released in League of Legends in February 2009 and was reworked in 2017. Warwick is one of the junglers that is very easy to learn the role with, thanks to the sustain the champion has in the kit. Additionally, it is pretty much easy to gank with Warwick, even though his Ultimate is a skill shot that players often miss. While this wolf is predominantly played in the jungle, he can also be played in the top lane as a tank.

Warwick - League of Legends
“He's still your go-to pooch if you’re new to the jungle, but he’s learned some vicious new tricks.”
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Level 6 is a massive power spike in Warwick’s kit since it allows him to pick targets off with his R - Infinite Duress. The ability has an enormous range and his objective control is really high because of his Q - Jaws of the Beast’s healing that allows him to shred through neutral objectives.

While his W - Blood Hunt can allow him to detect low-health enemies on the map, his E - Primal Howl allows him to take reduced damage in team fights as well as disrupt a fight with its fear.

Jungle pathing for Warwick

If you are playing Warwick jungle on the Blue Side of Summoner’s Rift, this is the best pathing for you:

  • Red buff without smite

  • Blue buff without smite

  • Kill Gromp with smite

  • Gank top-lane

If you are on the Red Side of the map, the following should be your ideal pathing:

  • Red buff

  • Blue buff

  • Gromp using smite

  • Bottom lane gank

Summoner Spells and Runes on Warwick jungle

Since you are playing jungle, it is a no-brainer to pick Smite because you cannot level up and gain XP without the spell. Secondly, when it comes to Summoner Spells, Warwick is innately fast and hence he does not require Ghost. Instead, it is wise to go with Flash on the champion.

The best and most successful runes to run on Warwick are the Precision tree and the Sorcery tree.

Warwick runes - League of Legends

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Alternatively, people also opt for Lethal Tempo and Celerity depending on the matchups.

What items to build on Warwick jungle?

Since this is a Warwick jungle build, players should naturally start with either the Ember Knife or Hail Blade depending on which color smite they want to prioritize according to the matchup. Divine Sunderer should be the ideal Mythic Item to build, followed by the Plated Steelcaps boots, and Titanic Hydra. Then, players can opt for Sterak’s Gage or Thornmail, and also build Death’s Dance.

Item order - League of Legends

In case you want to skip Guardian Angel, you can opt for Spirit Visage to go for a tankier build.

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