Here is the best MP7 build in XDefiant for the Closed Beta.


Best MP7 Build in XDefiant for Closed Beta

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The MP7 is one of the best SMGs in the game with a high fire rate and low recoil.
Here is the best MP7 build in XDefiant for the closed beta.

XDefiant, the newest 6v6 shooter from Ubisoft has a number of different game mechanics to learn about and master. Along with the number of factions inspired by Ubisoft’s other games, players will find 24 different weapons to choose from. There are seven categories of weapons in the game and some weapons stand out from the rest. When it comes to SMGs currently in the game, the MP7 is a fantastic choice. Here is the best MP7 build in XDefiant to shred through the competition.  

Best MP7 Build in XDefiant

The MP7 has some really good base stats with a high fire rate and low recoil. You don’t need a lot of attachments to optimize the MP7 but even the best things can be made better. Here is a list of attachments you can run to add more mobility and improve overall weapon accuracy. 

Barrel: Chrome-Lined

Front Rail: Superlight / Pistol Grip

Magazine: Quick Mag / Fast Mag

Rear Grip: Lightweight grip 

Stock: Collapsed

While these attachments have some negatives, they greatly boost the MP7’s positives. The Chrome-Lined Barrel attachment provides a 20% increase to your short and medium range. This increases your bullet reach from 17 to 26 meters but it comes at the cost of longer ADS (aim down sight) time and a negligible 5% decrease in movement speed.  

For the Front Rail go for either a Superlight or a Pistol Grip. The Superlight grip will offset some of the ADS time and movement speed lost from the Chrome-Lined Barrel at the cost of 10% recoil recovery. Alternatively, you can run the Pistol Grip if you want to increase mobility and accuracy due to a boost for both the minimum and maximum spread. 

For the Magazine you can run either a Quick Mag or a Fast Mag. The Quick Mag adds 5 to your ammunition capacity while giving you a 15% boost to the reload speed. Another option is to run the Fast Mag which gives you an even bigger boost to reload speed at 50% but at the cost of 10% ADS Time and Hit Flinch. So if you’re confident in your ADS aim, you can run a Fast Mag. 

For the Rear Grip, run a Lightweight grip which will add 25% to your recoil recovery, and a small boost to your aim walking speed at the expense of some more ADS Hit Flinch. 

For the Stock, the clear winner is the Collapsed stock which gives you a 7% movement increase while also improving your minimum and maximum spread. 

You don’t really need optics for an SMG since most of your fights are going to be short-medium ranged. A suppressor is also optional, if you want to run a stealthy character like Echelon, but it will decrease your range. Different play styles will need different loadouts so make sure you experiment with different loadouts to see what suits you the best. 

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