Best FoV and camera settings for Rocket League


Best FoV and Camera Settings for Rocket League (July 2021)

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Small changes to your FoV and camera settings can improve your performance in Rocket League.
The best Rocket League settings will be those that perfectly suit your playstyle.
Use Rocket League pros settings to experiment and find the best FoV and camera settings for you.

Optimizing your FoV and camera settings for Rocket League is a great way of improving your performance in game. The best FoV and camera settings will change a bit depending on your playstyle, preferences and controller. Trying out the settings used by Rocket League pros like Arsenal and SquishyMuffinz is a great start. In the end, to find the best FoV and camera settings for you, we recommend trying different ones out and slowly adjusting them through custom training drills. If you are unsure about what the many camera settings mean there is a glossary at the bottom of the page.

Best FOV and Camera Settings for Rocket League

The following FoV camera settings for Rocket League are quite popular among top level players including Rocket League pro player Arsenal.

FoV and camera settings used by SSG Arsenal

No pro player in RLCS ever keeps the camera shake on. In a game where control is everything camera shakes can be very distracting. Most Rocket League pros keep their FoV setting at 110. The angle settings for pros are generally between -3.00 for players like GarretG and -5.00 for Arsenal. Some players like retals use -4.00. Most pros use stiffness settings between 0.45 and 0.40. However, Squishymuffinz and JZR are known to use 0.35 and 0.55 respectively. Players who like fast swivel speeds can keep it at 10.00. For slower speeds, 7.50 or even 4.70 is used by players like SquishyMuffinz. Make sure you test out different settings to see what suits your playstyle best.

Best FoV and Camera Settings for Maximum Control

Pro players like Squishymuffinz and Aztral are known for their control and precision in game. These are their Rocket League pro settings:



Note that Squishy plays on a DualShockers 4 while Aztral uses a Thrustmaster eSwap Pro Controller.

Best FoV and Camera Settings for Defenders

Generally defenders use higher distance and lower angle settings to give you a better view of the field. Pro player Turbopolsa uses the following FoV and Camera settings:

Best FoV and Camera Settings for All-Rounders

If you want the best of all three worlds, namely a good view of your car, decent control and a good view of the field, try Rocket League pro GarretG’s settings:

What Do FoV and Different Camera Settings Do?

  • Camera shake - An artificial shake when your car hits the ball or a surface. By default this is turned on but make sure you have this off.

  • Field of view (FoV) - The field of view is how wide your vision is from behind your car. Higher the value, the more you will see.

  • Distance - This decides how far away the camera is positioned from your car.

  • Height - This decides how high or low the camera is placed. Lower height will increase your visibility and a higher height is good for better control.

  • Angle - Decides how far pointed down your camera is.

  • Stiffness - The camera stiffness adjusts how far your camera will move with turning and your speed.

  • Swivel speed - Determines how fast your camera moves when used manually.

  • Transition speed - The speed at which your camera switches from car cam to ball cam. The higher the value the quicker the camera will transition from your car to the ball.

  • Ball cam - One of two camera views, ball cam refers to when the camera will stay fixated on the ball unless manually moved.

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