The Ballet Lover Quest in Escape from Tarkov is a task handed over to the players by trader Ragman.


Ballet Lover Quest in Escape From Tarkov Explained

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The Ballet Lover Quest in Escape from Tarkov is a task given by trader Ragman.
This quest happens on the new Streets of Tarkov map.
Additionally, players need to have the Primorsky 46-48 Skybridge Key.

The Ballet Lover Quest in Escape from Tarkov is a task handed over to the players by trader Arshavir Sarkisovich Abramyan, known by his alias "Ragman”. For the Ballet Lover Quest, you will have to locate a specific apartment on the new Streets of Tarkov map. Notably, quest keys in Escape from Tarkov help unlock an area or a room for a specific quest. Players were talking about a particular key called the Primorsky 46-48 Skybridge Key and the key transformed into a single-use key. 

The Primorsky 46-48 skybridge key was initially used to unlock the door to the Primorsky 48 apartment number 10 at the Skybridge which connects it with the Primorsky 46 staircase at Streets of Tarkov. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the Ballet Lover quest.

Ballet Lover Quest Guide 

When you interact with Ragman he informs you that he needs to find some guy who has already left the city. He adds that his name is Ivan Ivanoc and that he used to run a bar and was into ballet. “He went to the Mariinsky every season. Even tried to host something at our local theater, but people weren't really crazy about chicks in tutus. More specific? Brother, I'm already f***** specific! I believe in you, use your intuition.

While the quest is super ambiguous, the objective is to locate the balletmeister's apartment on the Streets of Tarkov. The only prerequisite is that you need to be at least Level 20 to start the Ballet Lover quest .

Notably, this quest requires you to have in hand the Primorsky 46-48 Skybridge Key. When you start this quest, your PMC will start outside the Post Office in Streets of Tarkov. 

When you are facing the post office as you spawn opposite the Pinewood hotel, cross the post box in front of you and walk straight. You will see an entrance to your right and once you are in, take an immediate left. You will see another door with a green neon sign here. Enter through that door and you will notice a staircase. Now, you will have to climb all the way to the very top and you will be met with a door you can simply open, leading you to the Skybridge. When you walk a bit forward, you will notice the door you need to unlock with the key. When you enter the balletmeister’s apartment you will see a subtask complete pop-up.

However, you will have to complete the extract without dying to finish the Ballet Lover Quest.

Primorsky 46-48 Skybridge Key spawn locations

On 13th January, Battlestate Games released a patch no longer allowing single-use keys to be bought or sold on the flea market. 

The Primorsky 46-48 Skybridge Key can be found in the pockets and bags of Scavs and in jackets. Also, currently, the Skybridge Key has six possible spawn locations on Streets of Tarkov in the same location. Players will need to navigate to the Brodion Pub outside of the PMC Scav checkpoint extract. Once you enter the pub, you will notice the key in the following places:

  • On the couch near a duffel bag

  • On the bar’s counter

  • On one of the legs of a knocked-over stool near the bar counter

  • On a chair holding paintings

  • On a chair near an unused table

  • In a pile of boxes before the bar kitchen

Remember that you need this key to finish the Audiophile task as well.

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