The Skybridge Key is a quest key in Escape from Tarkov. 


What Is the Skybridge Key in Escape from Tarkov? How to Use?

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The Skybridge Key is a quest key in Escape from Tarkov.
It can be used only once and it is for a quest on the new Streets of Tarkov map.

A lot of changes have made their way into Escape from Tarkov after Battlestate Games released the 0.13 update on 28th December 2022. Players were treated to a surprise expansion in the Hideout where players could knock down the Defective Wall and build a gym to improve their physical strength in-game. Likewise, quest keys in Escape from Tarkov help unlock an area or a room for a specific quest. Players have been talking about a particular key called the Primorsky 46-48 Skybridge Key and multiple players have stated that it went from 40 uses to just one. This article will look into what the Skybridge Key is, where it spawns, and what it is used for in Escape from Tarkov.

Quest Keys in Escape from Tarkov: Skybridge Key Explained

Quest keys are mandatory in the game since one cannot get inside a locked door without using a key. Generally, these keys can be found on the bodies of dead players or non-playable characters (NPCs) or in containers including jackets, backpacks, and filing cabinets. Likewise, they can also be received as a reward for completing quests or purchased from traders, and also traded in the flea market. 

The Skybridge Key or the Primorsky 46-48 Skybridge Key is one such quest key in Escape from Tarkov and players can spot this in jackets, pockets and bags of Scavs. The description of the Skybridge Key reads, “A key to the skybridge linking Primorsky 46-48, leading to the apartment of the ballet master.

Additionally, the Escape from Tarkov Wiki states that the Skybridge Key is required for the completion of two quests. They are as follows:

  • Ballet Lover Quest

  • Audiophile Quest

The key is basically used to unlock a door at the skybridge that connects the Primorsky 46 and 48 buildings on the new Streets of Tarkov map.

Skybridge Key possible spawn locations on Streets of Tarkov

Currently, the Skybridge Key has two possible spawn locations on Streets of Tarkov. Players will need to navigate to the Brodion Pub outside of the PMC Scav checkpoint extract. Once you enter the pub, you will notice the key in the following places:

  • On the couch near a duffel bag

  • On the bar’s counter

The lock’s location is also in the Streets of Tarkov. It is the door to the Primorsky 48 apartment number 10 at the Skybridge which connects it with the Primorsky 46 staircase at Streets of Tarkov. The apartment 10 entrance door can be breached from inside to leave.

Explaining the location further, another Redditor commented, “I marked it on the map. *Purple circle* Just in the "upper bridge" between [Primorsky] 46 to 48. 3rd or 4th floor, not sure, just go to the higher floor into 46 building, the closed door to 48,” and attached the map with the marking. 

Skybridge Key lock location

Users can check out the Wiki for a picture-by-picture route to find the locked door to Primorsky 48 apartment 10.

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