Here is all you need to know about the Apex Legends Season 20 Release Date. 


Apex Legends Season 20 Release Date

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The new season of Apex Legends will be going live next week.
Breakout brings many major changes to the core Apex gameplay.
Here is all you need to know about the Apex Legends Season 20 Release Date. 

Apex Legends: Breakout, the 20th season of the battle royale will go live soon with several changes to the Legends Upgrade system, an overhaul to ranked and new Limited-Time Modes (LTMs). This time around, there won’t be a Legend release since we got Conduit during Season 19: Ignite. With the new season just around the corner, let’s look at the Apex Legends Season 20 Release Date and some of the changes coming.

Apex Legends Season 20 Release Date

Apex Legends Season 20 starts on Tuesday, 13th February, 2024, at 10:00 AM PT / 6:00 PM GMT / 11:30 PM IST and on Wednesday, 14th February at 2:00 AM SGT. The start date of Apex Legends Season 20 was confirmed by developers in the launch trailer for Breakout which dropped a few days ago. Apex developers Respawn Entertainment also released a Gameplay Trailer.

Apex Legends Season 20: What to Expect?

There are a number of changes coming to the new season of Apex:

  • Legend Upgrades: Apex Legends has changed how you upgrade your Legends during matches. Players can customize their Legends in-game as they level up, choosing between particular traits. This new feature will restart with each match, giving you the opportunity to try different upgrades on for size.

  • EVO Rework: Evo Shields will no longer spawn on the ground. All Legends have inherent Legend Armor that increases in capacity permanently as they Level-Up. EVO Harvesters will randomly spawn on every BR map with a delayed activation during the first ring, allowing players time to loot up before seeking them out. Any squad member can interact with them to award a large amount of EVO to the whole squad. 

The EVO system is being reworked in the new season of Apex Legends.
  • Ranked Rework: The new season overhauls the Ranked system in the game, which changes to discourage “ratting”, where players don’t engage in fights until the final squads are left and choose to hide to get higher placement points. 

  • 5th Anniversary: Apex Legends is celebrating its 5th Anniversary with the release of Breakout. Some of the things coming include a New Limited-Time Mode featuring 30 player matches playing on smaller maps. The anniversary celebrations also include an Anniversary Collection which, upon completion, grants you 150 free Heirloom Shards to unlock the Heirloom or Prestige Skin of your choice. There are also a number of themed events headed to the game. 

  • New Map: Thunderdome is geared up for a fast-paced matchup in any Mixtape mode with its three lanes to pursue. Grind for the high ground in TDM, battle to see who can hold B in Control, or find one of many power positions to dominate in Gun Run. This latest map was created with a plethora of playstyles in mind and challenges the expected strategies used by many. 

Apex Legends Season 20 Release Date: Thunderdome will arrive with the season.
  • Performance Mode: Players will be able to enable Performance Mode on current-gen consoles for 120Hz output to displays that support it. This new Video Settings option adjusts graphical settings, leveraging recent improvements in the Apex rendering engine to target up to 120 FPS gameplay.

  • Breakout Rewards: Six Legends will be unlocked for everyone throughout the season. Complete challenges with these Legends to earn special Breakout Rewards—including permanent unlocks for the featured Legends, the Reactive Top Tier Flatline, and a matching set of Wraith cosmetics.

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