Here are all the Ammo Types In Apex Legends.


Ammo Types in Apex Legends: Everything You Need to Know

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Apart from specialized Mythic ammo, there are currently five different ammo types in Apex Legends.
Here are all the Ammo Types In Apex Legends.

Ammo is an important part of Apex Legends’ gunplay. The different weapons in the game are best suited for different styles of combat. Some players like to get up close and personal while others like sniping from a distance. Each of the different weapons in Apex Legends uses a different type of ammo. There are mainly five different ammo types in Apex Legends, namely: Energy, Heavy, Light, Shotgun, and Sniper. Let’s look at how each of these ammo types in Apex Legends differs and what guns use them.

Ammo types in Apex Legends

Season 14 made some changes to the types of ammo certain guns use to balance the Heavy ammo sided meta. The Wingman now uses Sniper ammo as opposed to the previous Heavy ammo. The Spitfire also now uses Light ammo. Each ammo type has a specific drop rate in Apex Legends. The current drop rate for ammo types in Apex Legends Season 14 is as follows:

Here is the drop rate for all the Ammo Types In Apex Legends.

Energy Ammo

Energy weapons have a high projectile speed.

Energy weapons generally have a windup time before firing but reward the player with higher projectile speed. These come in stacks of 20 with a limit of 60 per inventory slot. These weapons also have a much lower projectile drop, improving accuracy at longer ranges. When it comes to dealing damage, energy ammo weapons are firmly in the middle of Heavy and Light ammo weapons. There are currently five weapons that use energy ammo in the game in Season 14:

  • Devotion (LMG)

  • Havoc (AR)

  • L-Star (LMG)

  • Triple Take (Marksman)

  • Volt (SMG)

Heavy Ammo

Heavy ammo has one of the highest DPS.

Heavy Ammo weapons generally have a higher DPS at the expense of a lower fire rate and higher projectile drop. These also come in stacks of 20 with a limit of 60 per inventory slot. Heavy ammo guns are fairly reliable for mid to long-range combat. Heavy weapons also usually have significant recoil. There are currently five weapons that use heavy ammo:

  • 30-30 Repeater (Marksman)

  • C.A.R. SMG (SMG)

  • Hemlok Burst AR (AR)

  • Prowler Burst PDW (SMG)

  • VK-47 Flatline (AR)

Light Ammo

Light ammo weapons have a high fire rate.

Light ammo weapons have a high fire rate but do less DPS per shot. Some Light ammo weapons like the R-99 and Spitfire require players to practice their recoil control. These come in stacks of 20 with a limit of 60 per inventory slot. Light ammo weapons are usually good for short to mid-range gunfights. Their bullet drop is significant so they aren’t a good fit for long-range combat. There are a number of weapons in Apex Legends that use Light ammo with several of the pistols in the game using this type of ammo:

  • Alternator SMG (SMG)

  • C.A.R. SMG (SMG)

  • G7 Scout (Marksman)

  • M-600 Spitfire (LMG)

  • P2020 Pistol (Pistol)

  • R-301 Carbine (AR)

  • R-99 SMG (SMG)

  • RE-45 Auto (Pistol)

Sniper Ammo

Sniper ammo weapons are excellent for long range.

Sniper ammo weapons have an extremely low fire rate but the weapons have a high DPS and travel extremely long ranges. With the exception of the Charge Rifle, sniper weapons have a noticeable bullet drop but with enough practice, players can become familiar with each weapon’s drop. There are currently four weapons that use sniper ammo:

  • Charge rifle (sniper)

  • Longbow DMR (sniper)

  • Sentinel (sniper)

  • Wingman (pistol)

Shotgun Ammo

Shotgun ammo weapons deal a lot of damage at close range.

Shotgun ammo is rare in the game but only three weapons in the game currently use them. While shotguns only consume 1 unit of ammo, they fire multiple pellets per shot. Each shotgun in the game has a specific pellet distribution. Shotgun ammo weapons are great for short-range fights, where the pellets deal a significant amount of damage. As of now, there are three shotguns in the game:

  • EVA-8 Auto (Shotgun)

  • Mozambique (Shotgun)

  • Peacekeeper (Shotgun)

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