Here is the Apex Legends Weapon Tier List For Season 14


Apex Legends Weapon Tier List for Season 14

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Season 14 saw a number of changes to the weapons in Apex Legends.
We take a deep look into some of the strongest and weakest guns currently in the game.

Apex Legends Season 14 saw a major overhaul to the weapons in the game. The addition of hop-ups, laser sights, and changes in ammo use types have had an impact on the different gun types. The Bocek Compound Bow and Rampage LMG have been moved to the crate, while old favorites like the Volt are back as ground loot. We look at some of the best guns in the game with the Apex Legends Weapon Tier List For Season 14.

Apex Legends Weapon Tier List For Season 14

Note: Care package weapons are all S tier (despite the Kraber nerfs) so they won’t be included in the list.


D-tier guns are some of the weakest in the game. 


Any gun is better than no gun, and unfortunately, the P2020 is currently in that state. While it gets better if you pick up hammerpoint rounds, it still remains a sub-par pick compared to practically any other gun in the game. The P2020 desperately needs a damage or rate of fire buff to come out of the D-tier.

Mozambique Shotgun

While the Hammerpoint hop-up certainly helped its damage output go up this season, the buffs to others in its class in this patch means other shotguns like the EVA-8 outclass it.


C-tier guns are servicable but need buffs to be considered over others.


The L-Star got a buff this season to its fire rate, however, there are better energy weapons and LMGs out there, especially after the Volt has been brought out of the Care Package.

RE-45 Auto

The RE-45 was buffed this season but with Laser Sights replacing Barrels on Pistols, it lost a lot of its recoil control. Its addition to the replicator now means you need to spend 30 materials to even get it. That 30 material is better spent elsewhere.

Alternator SMG

While the Alternator is great as an early game find, it is beneficial to switch to an R-99 for the higher DPS or a CAR the first chance you get.

Hemlok Burst Assault Rifle

Burst fire guns like the Hemlok and Prowler will almost always be at a disadvantage in a game full of automatic fire weapons. However, it still shells out a decent amount of DPS. If you can get your hands on a Gold Hemlok, go for it.


While it’s a pretty decent sniper, others like the Charge Rifle and Longbow still outclass it. The shield cell charge-up definitely helps with its damage but the lower fire rate punishes the player too heavily if they miss.

Triple Take

Energy weapons are a lot better this season in general. With the G7 Scout now available on the floor and the buffs to the 30-30 repeater, the Triple Take isn’t a must-have. However, the choke integration into Season 6 makes it a really good pick even at shorter ranges.


B-tier weapons are pretty decent with some flaws.

Prowler Burst PDW

Despite being a burst-fire weapon, the Prowler is still a great gun if you want to hipfire. Also, the time between bursts is much lower than that of the Hemlok, making it a great choice for a burst fire gun. However, there are better SMGs in Apex Legends at present.

Havoc Rifle

After a number of buffs in Season 13, the Havoc rifle is now in a much better state. The easier recoil control and large magazine size make it a decent pick among other energy weapons. However, the Havoc definitely needs a Turbocharger to make it an optimal pick.

R-99 SMG

Barrels being replaced by Laser Sights have definitely hurt the R-99. Despite this, the high fire rate, and hip-fire accuracy up to 30 meters make this gun deadly. The lack of barrels means that players will need to practice more on their recoil control.

Devotion LMG

Season 14 saw the Devotion go into the Crafter this season. One of the deadliest LMGs currently in the game, the Devotion is held back by its slow wind-up time and high recoil. However, once you get it firing, it deals a whopping 255 damage per second.

Charge Rifle

The Charge Rifle has been a solid pick for snipers for a while now and continues to remain so. Despite two huge nerfs, the hitscan sniper’s lack of bullet drop and long-range damage output keep it in A-tier. However, it runs through ammo quickly and the beam gives enemies a direct line to your position. Despite its hitscan capabilities, the Longbow DMR out damages the Charge Rifle while having a higher fire rate.

30-30 Repeater

The 30-30 Repeater is often spotted in the hands of pro players. The addition of the Skullpiercer rounds makes the 30-30 deal quite a lot of damage despite the low fire rate of the rifle. It is quite a versatile rifle and a good choice for all ranges. However, the weapon does require top-class accuracy.

EVA-8 Auto

The EVA-8 got a massive buff this season with an improvement to recoil, fire rate, and pellet damage. The re-introduction of the Double-Tap hop-up has also increased the raw damage output for the shotgun. The gun is in a much better state compared to previous seasons. However, the Peacekeeper sill outclasses the EVA-8 when it comes to shotguns.


A-tier weapons may not make it to the top of the Apex Legends Weapon Tier List For Season 14 but are pretty good.


One of the newer additions to SMGs, the CAR has a slightly higher DPS than other SMGs like th R-99 and Alternator. The fact that it can use both Light and Heavy ammo gives it a lot of flexibility as a secondary weapon. However, the lack of Barrels this season has dropped the gun from the S-tier in season 14.

Longbow DMR

The Longbow is a really powerful sniper rifle with a fast fire rate and high damage output. Even without a scope, the iron sight view of the Longbow is pretty clear. Add a Skullpiercer to add some more headshot damage multiplier to the sniper.

M600 Spitfire

This beast of an LMG came back to the floor in Season 13 and even with nerfs remains a solid pick. The high damage and magazine size makes up for its slower fire rate compared to other LMGs. However, the lack of recoil control still holds the Spitfire back a little.

G7 Scout

The G7 Scout was brought out of the care package this season. The higher rate of fire of the G7 coupled with the ease of use makes it a solid choice for a marksman weapon. While its damage may be slightly lower than the 30-30 Repeater, it's a fairly consistent gun. Add a Double-Tap Trigger and a long-range scope to truly make this gun deadly.


The Peacekeeper is a great choice among the many shotguns in Apex Legends. Its high damage makes it devastating at a close range. The total of 9 pellets per shot, combined with the headshot multiplier means you can two-shot almost any player in the game (except for a red shield). However, what holds it back is that it relies a lot on accuracy.


S-tier weapons are the best in the Apex Legends Season 14.

VK-47 Flatline

The Flatline is not only one of the better assault rifles in the game but is also currently one of the best weapons in Apex Legends. Despite a slightly lower DPS, the gun’s recoil and range make it a versatile weapon, which can be turned into a proxy sniper with the single fire mode. Changes to the ammo usage for the Spitfire and Wingman in Season 14 also mean there is a lot of heavy ammo lying around.

Volt SMG

The Volt SMG has been taken out of the care package this season and has regained popularity among players. While it is not as hard-hitting as its former self in terms of damage, the Volt continues to have a high fire rate, predictable recoil, and is really good as a hipfire weapon.

R-301 Carbine

The R-301 Carbine is another great choice for an assault rifle with a high DPS, fire rate, and fairly low recoil. The weapon is also versatile like the Flatline, with a single fire mode, making it great for medium to long-range fights.


The Wingman is a popular pick among Apex pros, many considering it an S-tier pick. However, it can be tricky to handle for newer players. If you want to pick up the Wingman, you need to be scarily accurate. The change from Heavy to Sniper ammo has also hurt the gun a bit. Sniper ammo comes in stacks of 14 or 28 which takes up a lot more inventory space than when the WIngman used Heavy ammo. However, if your aim game is on point, the Wingman is a great pick.

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