All You Need to Know About League of Legends Mid-Scope Updates in 2023

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Mid-scope updates in League of Legends are not complete reworks of champions. They are smaller-scale adjustments made to the champions’ kits.</p></div>
Mid-scope updates in League of Legends are not complete reworks of champions. They are smaller-scale adjustments made to the champions’ kits.


Mid-scope updates in League of Legends are not complete reworks of champions. They are smaller-scale adjustments made to the champions’ kits.
Here are all the mid-scope updates we’ve had so far in 2023.

Update: Ivern Mid-Scope Update Pushed to LoL Patch 13.11

The Ivern mid-scope is now scheduled to be released alongside LoL Patch 13.11, confirmed Riot Games. The publisher has gone back to the drawing board to make new changes to the champion after receiving player feedback.

It is also confirmed by public beta environment (PBE) players and dataminers that the Ivern mid-scope has been completely reverted. This is because players were unhappy with the nerfs that the jungler was dished out in the mid-scope.

The article will be updated later on with the new Ivern changes in the mid-scope as and when Riot Games releases them!

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Mid-scope updates in League of Legends are not complete reworks of champions. They are smaller-scale adjustments made to the champions’ kits to help improve their pick and win rates in the game. The main goal of mid-scope updates is to revive champions who have fallen quite heavily out of the meta and bring them back into play on Summoner’s Rift. You could call these mini-reworks and Riot Games has been pushing many of these out regularly in the recent seasons. 

We have had three mid-scope updates since the start of Season 13 of League of Legends in addition to the Yuumi mega rework. Here’s all we know about these mid-scope updates and what’s more to come in the upcoming patches of the year.

Mid-Scope Update for Jax 

Lead Champion Designer August “August” Browning took to Twitter at the end of 2022 to announce that Jax's mid-scope update will be on the smaller side. Early on 2nd December, August wrote, “Jax's update is on the smaller side and mainly focused on making his ult[imate] more exciting/interesting to cast. We're also bumping up his AP [ability power] build for burst enthusiasts!

Jax’s mid-scope update is aimed to make him into a team fighter and a meaty frontline champion by taking away some of his 1v1 power. 

Riot Games revealed the mid-scope update for Jax.

Firstly, Riot updated all of Jax's ability icons. The mid-scope for Jax saw the following changes in the first patch of the season in LoL Patch 13.1:

Q: Leap Strike

  • AP Ratio: 60% >>> removed

E: Counter Strike

  • Damage: 55-155 (+50% bonus attack damage [AD]) physical damage >> 55-175+ 4% max health (+100% AP) magic damage

  • Damage bonus per attack dodged: 20% of total damage >> 20% of base damage

R: Grandmaster’s Might


  • Damage: 100/140/180 (+ 70% AP) >>> 100-150 (+60% AP)

  • Added VFX and SFX when the passive attack is ready 

New Active (with new animation and VFX):

Jax swings his lantern around him, dealing 150-350 (+100% AP) magic damage to nearby enemies. If he hits a champion he gains 10-40 (+.1 Bonus AD) armor and magic resist, plus 14-22 (+.1 Bonus AD) per champion hit for the next 8 seconds. During this time the passive damage applies every 2nd attack instead of every 3rd.

Neeko and Ivern also received Mid-Sccope Updates in 2023

At the start of 2023, in a developer video, Riot Games showed off Neeko’s mid-scope update. Game designer Ezra “Phlox” Lynn gave a sneak peek of Neeko’s passive. Now, instead of just mimicking ally champions, Neeko can turn into any of the other elements on the Rift. 

Here are Neeko’s abilities after her mid-scope update:

Neeko’s mid-scope update is on the Public Beta Environment (PBE) currently.

Inherent Glamour (P):

  • [NEW]: When Neeko is near a non-epic monster, minion, trap, ward, or plant for two seconds she stores their Sho'ma. Neeko can click on her bar to become that unit. Click on Neeko's face to return to Neeko’s form. Click on the little ‘x’ to clear out that Sho'ma. Only one unit can be stored at a time.

  • [NEW]: Disguise no longer breaks on taking damage, only when the disguised self would have died or when you are crowd controlled.

  • [Adjusted]: Neeko no longer inherits base Attack Speed/Movement Speed from the disguise target if that stat is higher than hers

Blooming Burst (Q):

  • Secondary/Tertiary Pop Damage: 40/65/90/115/140+ 20% Ability Power (AP) >>> 35/60/85/110/135 + 25% AP

  • [NEW] Explosions deal: 30/40/50/60/70 bonus damage to monsters

Shapesplitter (W):

  • After casting Neeko can reactivate to send the clone to a new location.

  • Clone now plays animations and sounds of Q/E/Dance/Joke/Taunt/Recall/Laugh and survives for their duration

  • [NEW]: Empowered Attacks deal 50 bonus damage to monsters

Tangle-Barbs (E):

  • Damage: 80/115/150/185/220 + 60% AP >>> 70/105/140/175/210 + 65% AP

Pop Blossom (R):

  • After channeling, Neeko jumps into the air, suspending all nearby enemies

  • After 0.6s Neeko crashes to the ground with all suspended enemies and deals damage to all nearby enemies, the stun lingers for 1.25s total

  • No Longer Shields

  • Damage: 200/425/650 (+130% AP) >>> 150/350/550 (+100% AP)

  • Cooldown: 90s >>> 120/105/90s

Mid-Scope updates for Neeko were rolled out in LoL Patch 13.9.

Ivern’s mid-scope was live in LoL Patch 13.10 on the public beta environment (PBE). However, Riot Games has reverted them currently. However, here are the initial changes that Riot Games had in mind for Ivern:

(Note that these Ivern changes mentioned below have been reverted and this article will be updated later to reflect the new ones once Riot Games releases them)

In the March Dev Update video, Riot Games confirmed that Ivern is next on the list for a mid-scope update.

Passive: Friend of the Forest

  • Ivern will not hurt non-epic jungle monsters. Instead, Ivern can right-click a jungle monster to grow a Grove that costs health and mana.

  • Grove base health cost: 98.25 >>> 131

  • Grove base mana cost: 90 >>> 113

  • Growth time lvl 1: 50 >>> 40

  • Can still Smite camps to instantly clear them, but buff sharing has been removed

W: Brushmaker

  • Passive: While in brush and for 3 second(s) after leaving it Ivern's attacks deal additional 30 (30+30%) magic damage. Nearby allies will gain this effect for 1.5 second(s) and deal 5 = (5+10%) magic damage of the damage.

  • Active: Ivern grows a patch of brush and reveals it for 5 seconds. The brush persists until Ivern's team loses vision within it, or up to 60 seconds.

  • [NEW] Allies now gain on-hit magic damage from within Ivern’s bushes

  • Ally magic damage bonus: 5-15 (+10% AP)

  • [NEW] Brush disappears once Ivern’s team loses vision within it, but now has a duration of up to 60 seconds instead of 30 seconds

  • Recharge: 40-24 seconds >>> 20 seconds flat

E: Triggerseed

  • Ivern grants 70 = (70 +60%) shield to an ally champion. After 2 seconds, it bursts, dealing 60 = (60 +70%) magic damage and slowing enemies by 50% for 2 seconds. If Triggerseed detonates and no enemy champions are hit, the ally will be shielded for 70 = (70 +60%) for 2 seconds. This can also be used on Daisy.

  • Shield amount: 80-220 (+70% AP) >>> 70-190 (+60% AP)

  • Shield burst damage: 70-150 (+80% AP) >>> 60-140 (+70% AP)

  • [NEW] If Triggerseed detonates and no enemy champions are hit, the ally will be shielded for 70-190 (+60% AP) for 2 seconds.

  • Cooldown: 11-7 seconds >>> 12-8 seconds

R: Daisy!

Ivern summons his sentinel friend Daisy to leap into the fray for 60 seconds, dealing 90 = (90 +20%) magical damage, knocking up enemies hit for 0.75 seconds on arrival. Daisy! can also be cast on targets rooted by Rootcaller at any range. Over the next 60 seconds, Daisy! can be recast to instruct Daisy to attack or move.

Daisy, Slam! Daisy's 3rd consecutive attack on the same champion or epic monster will launch a shockwave, dealing 90 = (40 +100% +20%) magic damage to all enemies hit as well as stunning and knocking them up for 0.75 seconds. This effect can only occur once every 3 seconds and begins on cooldown.

Daisy has:

  • 1300 = (1300 +50%) Health

  • 20 (20+5%) Armor

  • 20 (20+5%) Magic Resist

  • 55 (55+10%) Attack Damage

  • [NEW] Does damage on arrival, knocking enemies up hit for .75 seconds and dealing 90-130 damage (+20% AP) in an area of effect (AoE).

  • [NEW] Daisy can be cast on targets rooted by Rootcaller at any range.

  • Removed bonus movement speed for Daisy the first 5 seconds after spawning

  • Daisy AD: 70/100/170 (+30% AP) >>> Base slam damage 40-80 with Daisy’s AD being 55 base (+10% AP)

The reason why Riot Games pushes many of these mid-scopes in a year is that they take lesser time to be rolled out. As told earlier, Rell will be next on the line this year for a Mid-Scope. 

The article will be updated with further mid-scope update details as and when Riot Games releases them.

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