All VCT Masters and Valorant Champions Winners in History: Teams and Players

Here are all the international Valorant champions till date.

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All VCT Masters And Valorant Champions Winners: Teams And Players


There are a total of 12 international Valorant tournaments that have been announced to date, out of which 10 have already taken place.
Every year the Valorant competitive circuit witnesses two VCT Masters tournaments and one Valorant Champions.
Here are all the teams and players that have won VCT Masters and Valorant Champions tournaments in the history of competitive Valorant.

Valorant is one of the leading first-person shooter games in the world with a flourishing competitive scene. Riot Games has done well marketing the game and creating a comfortable space for themselves in a genre where not many titles have been able to make a name for themselves.

Since releasing in June 2020, the game has grown by leaps and bounds, establishing a competitive circuit that has refined with each passing year. Despite having a short three-year history Valorant has crowned many international champions to date.

In 2023, a franchise method of competition was finalized for the title which it will continue to follow for the next couple of years, making small adjustments to it for the sake of maintaining competitive integrity while allowing upcoming teams a chance to compete with the best in the world.

Here is a look at all the championship-winning teams and players across the pinnacle of international Valorant competition, VCT Masters and Valorant Champions.

All Teams and Players That Have Won VCT Masters and Valorant Champions

In comparison to other established esports titles, Valorant is still very young but it has managed to work on its fundamentals and setup a rough structure of how it wants to grow its competitive ecosystem.

During its quest to pursue this, many international tournaments have been organized across the world with some of the best teams coming together and taking on each other to see who is worthy enough to lift the trophy.

Valorant has witnessed many different patches and various competitors have reigned supreme across these phases of the game, seven teams to be precise.

Across the three years of competitive Valorant, nine top-tier international tournaments have been announced, out of which eight have been played so far.

Every year the circuit follows this pattern when it comes to international LAN tournaments, two Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) Masters followed by Valorant Champions. Here are all the teams that have managed to lift the trophy in front of a packed audience and etched their name in history as some of the best in the world.

These are all the Valorant teams that have won an international tournament at the highest level, claiming one of the eight championships that have taken place so far.

The interesting thing is that there was not a single repeat winner in the first seven tournaments with Fnatic becoming the first-ever team to win back-to-back championships, one fantastic way to go down in the history books.

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