Yatoro explains why Gyrocopter is a "Trash Hero"

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Team Spirit's Yatoro boldly labels Gyrocopter a "trash hero" due to its slow pace, heavy item reliance, and vulnerability in team fights, citing its struggle in the current meta.
Yatoro's perspective aligns with the challenges Gyrocopter faces in the current meta, where early aggression and mobility are paramount, making the hero appear sluggish and susceptible to ganks.
In contrast, Arteezy, a renowned carry player, embraces Gyrocopter's aggressive playstyle, favoring early game advantages and active team fights, highlighting the debate over the hero's effectiveness in professional Dota 2

Former TI winner and Team Spirit's carry player, Illya "Yatoro" Mulyarchuk, has called Gyrocopter a "trash hero" in a recent interview. Yatoro said that Gyrocopter is too slow and can only kill the enemy with a Rapier, which is an implication that Gyrocopter needs a lot of farm and items to have a significant impact in the game. He also said that Gyrocopter is too easy to kill in team fights because of Blade Mail and Heart of Tarrasque on mid-laners.

Is Gyrocopter a Bad Hero in Dota 2 7.34c?

Blademail was buffed back in patch 7.32d - its damage returned percentage was increased from 80% to 85%. This coupled with the fact that heroes that possess a Heart of Tarrasque receive 1130 bonus HP and 1.6% HP regen making them significantly harder to kill.

Gyrocopter appeared in 19 games during the DreamLeague Season 21 held recently, with a win rate of only 36.84%

Yatoro's critiques of the hero are genuine, Gyrocopter is sluggish and prone to ganks in team fights. Without the proper items, the hero lacks the damage output needed to take down many popular opponents in the current meta such as Sven, Kunkka and Primal Beast. 

With the introduction of portals in Dota 2, ganks are a lot more common at the early stages of the game. Having slow movement speed and a poor defense mechanism is a big disadvantage for a hero like Gyrocopter in this meta.

Arteezy Believes Gyrocopter is Still Viable in Dota 2

Interestingly, world-renowned carry player Artour "Arteezy" Babaev favors the hero. Arteezy has a win rate of 63.24% with the hero and has played Gyrocopter successfully in professional matches, calling it one of his favorite heroes.

Arteezy plays Gyrocopter aggressively. He prefers heroes with the ability to farm fast while retaining an early game advantage. 

Even without all his items, Arteezy believes that Gyrocopter excels at early team fights. Conversely, Yatoro plays defensively. He farms carefully and avoids danger. Late-game heroes such as Chaos Knight, Naga Siren and Spectre that can win games are also his preference.

According to Dotabuff.com, Gyrocopter sits at a comfortable 47.59% Win rate but a measly pick rate of 11.60% this week. 

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