Arteezy Talks About Why Shopify is Succeeding in DreamLeague Season 21

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Arteezy, of Shopify Rebellion, expressed delight at their top-three finish in DreamLeague Season 21, attributing it to hard work and team improvement.
Arteezy revealed his preference for heroes like Gyrocopter and Sven, but his enthusiasm for Muerta, a "wild card hero," stole the spotlight.
Arteezy showcased his Muerta prowess with impressive KDAs in two games during DreamLeague Season 21, setting the stage for a highly anticipated clash against Team Spirit in the Upper Bracket final.

Artour "Arteezy" Babaev, the carry player for professional Dota 2 team Shopify Rebellion, recently expressed his joy at securing a top-three position at DreamLeague Season 21 during an interview. He also discussed his hero choices, particularly his enthusiasm for Muerta as a carry hero. Arteezy has been part of top teams such as Evil Geniuses and Team Secret.

Arteezy talks about Shopify Rebellion’s success in DreamLeague Season 21

During the interview, Arteezy expressed his happiness at achieving a position among the top three at DreamLeague Season 21. He said that this serves as evidence of the diligent efforts that he and his team have invested. “I think we're a better team, I think we improved a lot. I don't think it's like magic. I think we are putting in work and it's kind of showing at least it's starting to show um and uh it feels good to have you know some visible improvements so it gives you some hope“

When discussing hero preferences, Arteezy emphasized the balance between enjoyment and effectiveness. He mentioned Gyrocopter, Sven, and Phantom Assassin as his favorite heroes, highlighting their strength in the current metagame.

He also expressed excitement about Muerta, calling her a "wild card hero" with potential.

“ I really like Muerta, my games have been felt like pretty strong when I play it so uh in my pubs as well sometimes I go 0-10 sometimes I go like 20-0 so I just like. I feel like naturally she's just some like wild card hero,“ he said.

Arteezy’s success with Muerta

During DreamLeague Season 21, Arteezy had two victorious games as Muerta. In the first match against 9Pandas in the group stage, he achieved a KDA of 11-1-12. In the playoffs, facing Betboom, he maintained a KDA of 7-0-7.

Arteezy's proficiency with Muerta can be attributed to his deep understanding of her capabilities. He optimizes her farming, survivability, and damage output while strategically positioning himself in team fights to maximize offense and minimize risk.

As DreamLeague Season 21 progresses, Arteezy's mastery of Muerta remains a focal point, promising excitement for Dota 2 fans worldwide.

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