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Xtreme Gaming and Azure Ray Among the Top Chinese Teams Invited to Games of the Future 2024

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Games of the Future 2024 is a LAN event taking place in Kazan, Russia from 19th to 25th Feb 2023.
The event has already invited well-known Dota 2 Chinese teams such as LGD, G2.iG, Xtreme Gaming, and Azure Ray.
It is an invite-only tournament with a total of 16 teams and a $1 million USD prize pool.

In 2024, Dota 2 tournaments continue to showcase substantial prize pools, as Games of the Future 2024 is yet another tournament that has been unveiled with a $1 Million USD prize pool. The tournament will be held in an offline setting in Kazan, Russia, at the Kazan Expo exhibition center. Scheduled from 19th to 25th Feb 2023, Games of the Future has already extended invitations to well-known Dota 2 Chinese teams, including LGD, G2.iG, Xtreme Gaming, and Azure Ray. It is an invite-only competition with a total of 16 teams.

$1 Million Games of the Future invites the top Dota 2 Chinese Teams

While four well-known Chinese teams have been invited to the tournament, the rest of the invitees, except One Move and Hydra who made their way through Phygital Games 2023 Season 1 and 2, have yet to be identified. Phygital Games 2023 has seemingly served as a qualifier for this event.

Games of the Future 2024 will have a group stage with four groups followed by the playoffs. All group stage and playoffs series, including the grand finals, will be Bo3s. In the group stage, four teams will be eliminated, one from each group. In addition, there will be a third place match in the playoffs.

According to the event website, there is a "phygital" component involved, "with finalists also participating in a super final, where they will demonstrate their physical skills." The grand prize for the super final is $50,000.

More details about the prize pool allocation, broadcast talent, schedule, and remaining invites are still to be announced.

Games of the Future 2024 is one of the largest Dota 2 LAN events to be held in Russia ever since the country's invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. Players and teams have expressed their opposition to it in the past. and as a result, it is unclear how many teams from outside Russia will be willing to go to the country to compete.

Tournaments with prize pools of $1 million or more, on the other hand, continue to be held in 2024, even though the year has only just begun. FISSURE with BetBoom announced two BetBoom Dacha Dota 2 events for 2024, each with a $1 million prize pool. Furthermore, ESL already has its ESL Pro Tour (EPT) planned for the year, which will feature several tournaments with multi-million dollar prize money in total.

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