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W33 Slams Dota 2’s Current Meta and Has No Plans of Returning to Pro Play

Rakshak Kathuria
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Nigma Galaxy’s livestreamer w33 stated in a recent Twitch broadcast that he has no plans of making a professional comeback anytime soon.
As w33 stated, Dota 2's current situation has deteriorated significantly, and games are now excessively long.
According to him, the competitive nature of the game has become boring, so he prefers playing pubs.

Nigma Galaxy’s livestreamer, Aliwi "w33" Omar, who spent most of the 2023 competitive season away from playing professionally, has no plans of making a comeback anytime soon. The 28-year-old revealed during a recent Twitch livestream that he does not want to return to the pro scene, citing the current Dota 2 meta as a major reason.

As w33 described, Dota 2 games these days are unnecessarily long with all players having enough farm to buy many items. He also commented on how it is difficult to pierce the high ground. According to him, the competitive state of the game has become boring. So he would rather play pubs where he can have more fun.

W33 Calls Current Dota 2 Pro Meta "Boring" and Has No Desire To Make a Pro Comeback

In response to a Twitch user's question asking about w33's plans of returning to competitive play, w33 responded that the current state of the game does not allow him to think such a return is feasible.

“Oh man, I have no plans for the pro scene. Just watching TI, every game is 60 minutes... Dota right now has been dumped down to the lowest level possible. No matter what you do, you are still going to end up having items, you are still going to end up having an impact depending upon your hero. If you pick the most broken heroes, you're going to win the game. If you try to go outside of that zone, you are going to lose the game.”

W33 commented that Dota 2's pro play is boring right now, as games can last for 60 minutes and then be decided in just a matter of seconds. Furthermore, he emphasized that certain heroes dominate the current meta. So, picking them gives a massive advantage.

w33 opined that whoever picks Chaos Knight [CK] or Spirit Breaker automatically wins the game. He said, "Maybe not CK but Spirit Breaker, BB [Bristleback], all these bulls*** heroes - Pugna, Primal Beast. Everyone is buying Heart on all heroes. Doesn’t matter what you play, just buy a Heart guys. Heart and Blademail and you will win the game.”

According to the Romanian mid-laner, having considered everything, he will keep playing pubs where he is enjoying himself greatly.

w33 confidently said, “I am not going to go back to that. I would rather play my pubs and play my next mid, where people do not understand how to play against it and just keep feeding because it’s funny. I may not win TI with it but at least I am having fun.”

w33 was not only absent from professional Dota 2 but also pubs during the initial half of 2023. However, he has now become a regular sight in pubs at least ever since he was signed as a livestreamer and content creator by his former team Nigma Galaxy in July. The player has 292K followers on Twitch currently.

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