Charlie Shares w33's Heated Discord DM After “Pub Beef”

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>charlie with Alliance, w33 with Nigma Galaxy</p></div>
charlie with Alliance, w33 with Nigma Galaxy


On 14th Oct 2023, Alliance's Charlie "charlie" Arat tweeted a screenshot of a Discord message allegedly from Aliwi "w33" Omar containing rude comments.
Later, charlie explained how a heated conversation between the two players two months ago, while they were on the same team in a ranked game, has escalated into a beef.
At the time of writing, w33 has not reacted to these tweets from charlie.

A recent incident involving a beef between Alliance's carry Charlie "charlie" Arat and Nigma Galaxy's livestreamer Aliwi "w33" Omar has emerged on Twitter. On 14th Oct 2023, Charlie tweeted a screenshot of a Discord direct message allegedly sent by w33 in which he passed rude comments and asked Charlie not to propagate "lies." After discussions around the same erupted on Twitter, Charlie shared context surrounding the same, explaining how a heated chat between the two players two months ago, when they were on the same team in a ranked game, has evolved into a beef.

Charlie shared w33's fiery Discord message following tensions between the two players

In Charlie's initial tweet, "xd," he was told that he was a "kid" and would be treated that way his entire life, in addition to receiving other abusive remarks. Charlie shared his response to the messages asking what lies he was spreading but since he was likely blocked, the message stood undelivered.

In their quest to find context, the Dota 2 community crawled for answers to the same. Charlie, a few hours later, said it was “pub beef” that all started in a Dota 2 ranked game two months ago. He said that w33 picked a mid hero even though his rank was the lowest in the game, and then lost his lane, which caused the team to be tilted.

A flame war ensued between the two players, after which w33 blocked charlie.

In Dota 2 ranked games, which typically involve high Matchmaking Rating (MMR) professional players, it has been observed that when two players who play the same role get drafted into the same team, the one with the higher rank gets to keep the role, or the two roll from 1-100, with the one with the higher number getting to keep the role.

Although the incident occurred two months ago, it appears to have worsened after the players were recently placed into the same team in another ranked game. Charlie claimed that w33 intentionally fed on Nyx Assassin, and that he would "grief" any games in which he would team up with him.

Apart from these conversations, charlie claimed he has had no additional interactions with w33 until receiving the hostile Discord message that he shared on Twitter.

Currently, it is uncertain what "lies" w33 was referring to if he is actually the one who messaged Charlie. At the time of writing, the Romanian midlane player has not reacted to these tweets.

AFK Gaming has reached out to w33 for comment on the tensions between the two and will update this article with this statement if and when we hear back.

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