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Unfiltered Wisdom: Quinn's Tips to Improve Low MMR in Dota 2 Ranked

Dorjee Palzang
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In a recent stream, Quinn provided some expert tips for low MMR players to boost their ranks in Dota 2.
Some of his tips included not piling on teammates and not attempting to seize the enemy high ground unless they are all dead.

In a recent Twitch livestream that resonated with Dota 2 players and enthusiasts, Gaimin Gladiators’ Quinn "Quinn" Callahan gave a few tips and unfiltered insights designed to empower low MMR players and help them improve upon their ranks in Dota 2. Quinn, apart from being a part of one of the best Dota 2 teams in 2023, is also known for his strategic prowess. His recent tips to players dove deep into crucial aspects of gameplay, from fostering a positive mindset to making tactical decisions and borrowing strategies from the pros.

Quinn’s Advice for Low MMR Players

Quinn's first directive is a blunt reality check: "Never blame your teammates ever under any circumstances." He underscored the significance of maintaining a positive mindset, advising players to focus on self-improvement rather than casting blame on others. 

However, funnily, Quinn made headlines when found himself embroiled in controversy following allegations of abusive behavior during a pub game in September following which he apologized for his behavior and has since been on a detox journey and is bettering himself. 

Notably, the current patch 7.34 is notorious for being difficult to siege high ground as heroes have become better at defending bases. Many teams have thrown away the game in an attempt to seize the enemy's high ground.

Addressing this, Quinn said, "Never go high ground unless they're [enemies are] all dead," while teaching players how to navigate the perilous terrain of high ground. 

Quinn’s cautionary tone was amplified when he added, "If you're not literally Immortal, don't go high ground." He clarified further by saying "immortal" quite literally, possessing an unassailable level of survivability, akin to a Bristleback with six Hearts of Tarrasque. He drove home the point that such maneuvers are a risk for those not equipped to withstand the enemy onslaught.

A strategic gem in Quinn's arsenal is the advice to "copy professional players' items and skill builds” and he suggested that it will take players close to about 6K MMR. Quinn suggested that mirroring the itemization and skill builds of successful players can serve as a shortcut to reaching the coveted 6K MMR milestone which is a low Immortal rank.

In a world where Dota 2's complexity can be overwhelming, Quinn's unfiltered tips offer a raw and honest guide for low MMR players. From shunning blame to navigating high ground with caution and mirroring the pros, Quinn's insights are a beacon for those seeking to elevate their gameplay and climb the ranks in the ever-competitive Dota 2 landscape.

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