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Has Quinn Reformed Into a Non-Toxic Player?

Dorjee Palzang
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Professional Dota 2 player Quinn, known for his past issues with anger and giving up in games, has shown a seemingly remarkable reformation.
Dota 2 streamer Max "qojqva" Bröcker commended Quinn's reformation during his livestream.
Quinn continued playing despite accumulating 14 deaths in a recent match, demonstrating a newfound positive mental attitude (PMA) and resilience.

Professional Dota 2 player Quinn "Quinn" Callahan made headlines last month by publicly acknowledging his past misconduct and expressing his commitment to change. This move came after a series of incidents in the Dota 2 community, including the recent release of a clip on 27th September that highlighted Quinn losing his temper in a pub game. He's known for notoriously losing his temper in the past. However, the community has been keeping an eye on Quinn’s behaviors following the public apology endorsed by Gaimin Gladiators.

Interestingly, when Dota 2 streamer Max "qojqva" Bröcker was spectating one of Quinn’s games on his livestream recently, he witnessed a reformed Quinn.

Qojqva witnesses Quinn’s PMA (Positive Mental Attitude)

Max "qojqva" Bröcker shared his observations on Quinn during a recent Twitch stream. Qojqva pointed out that in the past, Quinn had a tendency to give up and even go as far as AFK-ing in the base after just a couple of deaths. However, during a recent match where Quinn had accumulated 14 deaths, Qojqva was astonished to see him continue playing without giving up or showing signs of frustration even when he was 3-14.

Qojqva commented during his stream, "You never saw Quinn have these kinds of stats because he would just give up when he dies like two times. You never see Quinn feeding because he would have given up a long time ago, usually." He went on to express his belief in Quinn's reformation, stating emphatically, "Quinn has changed, yeah, Quinn has changed, guys. Do you believe it? Quinn is PMA [Positive Mental Attitude] now; he is PMA."

Quinn’s public apology

In a candid and heartfelt statement posted on Twitter on 27th September, Quinn addressed the issue head-on. He wrote in a long thread, “Alright, my bad behavior has gone on far too long without being addressed, so I will now. The most recent clips of me and many others from the past years are highly unacceptable and pretty gross, especially the most recent one."

Quinn's statement reflected a sense of remorse and a willingness to confront his past actions. Additionally, Gaimin Gladiators also backed its mid-laner and stated. “Hear him out and we promise, as the family we are, to work together about it.” 

The Dota 2 community, as well as his fans and peers, have been closely following the situation, and Quinn's acknowledgment of his past misconduct has been met with both understanding and cautious optimism.

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