TNC Predator recently announced the addition of Asta ahead of the TI11 SEA qualifier


TNC Predator Issues Statement Regarding Asta's Account Selling Situation

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TNC Predator recently hired Asta, prompting criticism from the community which claimed that he previously scammed people by selling them accounts and then retrieving them for himself later in online groups.
TNC has now issued a statement on Twitter, stating that Asta has paid an agreed amount to an aggrieved party while apologizing publicly.

As part of its preparation for The International 11 (TI11)’s Southeast Asia qualifier, TNC Predator recently signed Filipino Dota 2 player Philip "Asta" Torres as its new carry. This move was met with immediate criticism, with many community members alleging that Asta had been selling accounts and then retrieving them for himself in online trade groups. TNC has now acknowledged this allegation in a statement on Twitter, stating that Asta has paid an agreed amount to an aggrieved party while apologizing publicly. TNC appreciated the concern raised by the community and said its focus was always on making its players the best they could be.

TNC Predator says Asta’s account selling issue has been resolved

As soon as it was made aware of Asta's situation, TNC Predator spoke with the player to determine what really happened. When things were set straight between the two parties, Asta apologized through his social media accounts and made a monetary compensation as well, the organization stated.

One piece of evidence that was attached to a Reddit thread accusing Asta of scamming in Filipino trading groups was his sale of an account two years ago, which is already an offense under Valve rules, and the subsequent retrieval of it without notifying the buyer. As a result, he had not only received the money but also regained access to his account. This incident is likely the one TNC mentioned in its statement.

TNC Predator hired Asta on 16th August as a replacement for Yuri "Yowe" Pacaña. Having only played in Atomic Esports and Neon Esports previously, he is relatively new to the game’s professional scene.

TNC Predator is desperately seeking a turnaround after performing below expectations this season. Its decision to create an entirely new roster at the start of the season went down badly. A number of changes have been made since but no iteration has delivered the expected results.

TNC will be seen competing in TI11’s SEA qualifier which takes place from 3rd to 18th Sept. In addition to the highly competitive competition, the team is likely to enter the tournament from the lower bracket, making things even more challenging.

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