TI10 Main Event Day Three: Evil Geniuses Out of TI10, Final Top 8 Remains



TI10 Main Event Day Three: Evil Geniuses Out of TI10, 8 Teams Remain

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TI10 Main Event's third day began with T1 convincingly sweeping Alliance, eliminating them from TI10. Vici Gaming put forth a strong fight to reverse sweep EG out of the tournament as well.
Team Secret ended IG's winning streak and PSG.LGD marched forward once again, placing both of the teams in the Upper Bracket Finals.
The final eight teams remaining are - Team Spirit, T1, OG, Vici Gaming, Invictus Gaming, Team Secret, and PSG.LGD.

The International Main Event is approaching its peak and slowly, the final phase of the championship is taking shape. On Day Three of the Main Event, SEA’s final hope and pride, T1 secured a convincing win against Alliance. While North American’s top dog, Evil Geniuses was sent home by Vici Gaming after an intense set of three matches. The Upper Bracket brawl saw a powerful Team Secret stomping Invictus Gaming 2-0 and an equally strong PSG.LGD dropping Virtus.Pro to the Lower Bracket.

Here are more highlights of Day Three of TI10 Main Event.

TI10 Main Event Day Three recap and highlights

T1 outperforms Alliance 2-0

The first series of the day was a battle between an eager T1 and a struggling Alliance. The first game showcased T1’s efficiency and better overall gameplay. Despite Nikobaby picking up the fastest Eye of Skadi on the Morphling ever on the 17:02 minute mark, Alliance could not handle T1’s overfarmed cores and conceded the game.

The second game was a similar affair where Alliance was overwhelmed by T1’s gameplay. Beautiful rotations by T1 punished the opponent’s lanes and eventually, Alliance crumbled. T1 closed both games convincingly, sending Alliance out of the tournament.

Vici Gaming defeats NA favorites, Evil Geniuses

A surprising upset hit the Dota 2 community as North American’s final team in TI10 was knocked out of the stage. Evil Geniuses dominated the first game with no hesitation and was one step away from surviving elimination.

However, the second game was intense with crazy back-and-forth shenanigans that eventually ended in Vici’s favor.

The deciding game saw EG aiming for fast game and attempted an early high ground push. But VG played their cards right. With an immense amount of kiting, VG shut down EG’s push multiple times and came out on top of the game in just 37 minutes.

Secret secures Top 3 after stomping IG

Team Secret finally broke its curse! The squad is known for falling short every TI but this time around, Secret has had enough. It overwhelmed IG in a smooth set of two games to secure a top-three placing. In the first game, Invictus Gaming settled for their comfort heroes but Secret could not care less. Secret closed the game smoothly in its favor in 30 minutes.

In the second game, IG struggled once again. Even with some adjustments to IG’s draft and multiple great teamfight attempts, Secret still came out on top. With Secret bagging a 2-0 win, IG will continue its TI journey in the Lower Bracket. This marks Secret’s best placement in TIs so far.

PSG.LGD is unbeatable (once again)

In this China vs CIS series, we witnessed Virtus.Pro putting up a great challenge to LGD for game one. Multiple pick offs across the map helped VP to slow down LGD’s net worth lead but it couldn’t stop LGD to close the game in its favor. The second game was an absolute dominance by LGD. All of their cores scored 0 deaths and as there were no answers to their outstanding gameplay, VP tapped out after only 26 minutes.

The best moments and memes of Day Three

Today we celebrated a historical milestone of The International. Michelle "Moxxi" Song became the first woman to do a play-by-play cast on The International main stage.

We also witnessed some of the most peculiar analytics segments by none other than Andrew "Jenkins" Jenkins.

Kenny "Xepher" Deo sent out a sweet message during a post-match interview. "Mama aku di TI!" he exclaimed, which means "Mom, I'm at TI!".

Ren "eLeVeN" Yangwei in a post match interview brutally mentioned what he felt after defeating his former teammate, Daryl Koh "iceiceice" Pei Xiang.

Valve also shared an emotional story of a paralytic Dota 2 player 'Marc', who plays Dota 2 in a unique way, since he lost the use of his limbs due to a paragliding accident. It reminds the Dota 2 community that we never know who sits on the other side of the screen.

Virtus.Pro's social media shared a painful behind-the-scenes of its loss against PSG.LGD.

Another day of TI10 means another day of waving goodbyes. Two teams, Evil Geniuses and Alliance leave the championship with a prize-winning of $800,400 USD. Day Three also revealed to us the final top eight of The International 10 - Team Spirit, T1, OG, Vici Gaming, Invictus Gaming, Team Secret, and PSG.LGD.

Tomorrow will be a full-on Lower Bracket bloodbath as Team Secret and PSG.LGD stand-by for the Upper Bracket Final. The first series for Day Four will be Team Spirit vs OG.

More info on TI10 schedule and results can be found here.

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