Team Secret, among other teams celebrate their wins in the first day of TI10 Main Event.



TI10 Main Event Day One: Secret Sends OG to Lower Bracket, EG and Fnatic Survive Elimination

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TI10 Main Event Day One began with a heart-warming opening, featuring nostalgic faces who return the Aegis back into contention.
Many teams celebrated their first Main Event victory including Invictus Gaming, Team Secret, Fnatic, Quincy Crew, Alliance, and Evil Geniuses.
Four teams were also eliminated in a brutal BO1 including Team Undying, Team Aster, beastcoast, and Elephant.

The International 10 Main Event has begun. A beautiful opening ceremony filled with nostalgic memories welcomed the spectators. The first series of the day, Invictus Gaming vs Team Spirit took place, and already, a record was achieved. We then witnessed a spicy OG vs Secret matchup, a first in TI history, and that concludes the Upper Bracket action for the day. The International then proceed to the Lower Bracket nail-biting elimination round. Sadly, we had to part ways with Team Undying, Team Aster, beastcoast, and Elephant who were eliminated today. Here is a full recap and highlights of what you could’ve possibly missed from TI10 Main Event Day One.

TI10 opening ceremony: A decade of TI champions return the Aegis

The opening ceremony revealed a compilation of nostalgic TI moments, featuring well-known musicians such as Lindsey Stirling, JJ Lin, and Darude. We then received a welcome message from Gabe "Gaben" Logan Newell.

"Welcome to The International. It’s been a long time since we have been able to hold this event. I’m super excited to see the best teams in the world come together and compete on the stage. On behalf of everyone at Valve and the Dota 2 community, I want to thank the people of Romania for making this possible. Let’s watch some Dota."
Gabe Newell

The highlight of the opening was the previous TI champions standing on the stage of Arena Naţională, Bucharest. A decade of champions from the first iteration of TI until TI9 lifted the Aegis and return it back to its place. The Aegis of the Immortals was finally back in contention.

IG wins the first series of TI10 Main Event

Invictus Gaming and Team Spirit were the first teams to battle it out on TI10’s stage. The first game witnessed Team Spirit winning on the back of a bloodthirsty Yatoro, who got a Rampage on his Morphling.

Yatoro became the fifth player with a Rampage at TI Main Events.


However, the next two games were not as beautiful for the Russian team. IG executed flawless teamfights and though they had a small hiccup near the Roshan pit, they managed to come on top of the game. In the deciding match, Team Spirit crumbled as IG picked them off the map mercilessly. Ultimately, Team Spirit tapped out and dropped down to the Lower Bracket.

OG drops to the Lower Bracket for the first time since 2017

One of the most hyped matchups of the tournament saw Team Secret take on defending champions, OG. In the first game, Secret had slight hiccups against a hungry SumaiL’s Ursa, but they managed to close out the game with some great execution. The second match, on the other hand, was simply flawless from Team Secret who decimated OG. The defending champions drop to the Lower Bracket and will continue their journey on the brink of elimination - a first in 4 years.

In the post match interview, the captain of Team Secret, Puppey left a bold message for the defending champions. "Stay down," he emphasized.

Fnatic triumphs in a battle of underdogs

Fnatic, SEA’s fresh lineup that came from the qualifiers is having a good start at TI10 Main Event. It managed to convincingly beat Undying in the BO1 matchup, with Raven’s Luna ending the game on a 13/0/8 KDA. Undying, who had game-changing spells such as Echo Slam and Song of the Siren, just can’t seem to execute that one fight they needed. And with that, Team Undying becomes the third team eliminated from TI10.

Quincy Crew clutched an intense victory

Quincy Crew defeats Team Aster in an intense BO1.


In one of the most exciting games of the day, Quincy Crew showed incredible tenacity to make a massive comeback to secure the win. After a heavy teamfight loss for Quincy Crew (QC), Team Aster was determined to end the BO1 and started hitting the Tier 4 towers of their opponents. In an expensive defense involving multiple buybacks, QC managed to hold on to their base.

In the meanwhile, QC's offlaner, Leslao’s Nature’s Prophet sneakily managed to rat out two sets of barracks. QC then took a confident fight against Aster and they came out on top, wiping the enemy that didn’t have buybacks and went on to secure the win. Team Aster became the next team eliminated from TI10.

Alliance defeats South America’s final hope

Alliance sends SA's final hope out of the tournament.


The regional kings of Europe proved themselves on the stage of TI10, after defeating the strongest team of South America, beastcoast. The early part of the game showcased Alliance owning the map and punishing their opponent. Beastcoast during the late game tried to put up a fight and engaged in advantageous teamfights. At some point, it seemed worrying for Alliance’s side, but with cautious decision making and a really scary Limmp on his Lina, the team was able to finally close the BO1. Beastcoast is now eliminated from TI10, marking South America’s final run in the world championship.

Elephant's TI journey comes to an end

Undoubtedly in the most star-studded BO1 of the tournament so far, Evil Geniuses and Elephant had to go through a brutal elimination round. EG had Elephant on the edge throughout the game and just when their opponent had a spark of comeback, the NA king immediately shuts them down. With Cr1t on his monster Elder Titan melting the enemies and iceiceice executing the right initiations, EG did not show any signs of faltering allowing them to easily secure the win. Elephant became the last team eliminated from Day One of TI10.

It has been a whole day full of emotions but we are merely at the start of The International 10. Today, we bid farewell to Team Undying, Team Aster, beastcoast, and Elephant who were eliminated in a brutal BO1 series in the Lower Bracket. Hopefully we will see them emerge stronger in the next season!

More top-tier Dota 2 action will unfold over the next few days and we are more than ready for it. For more information regarding the schedule and results of TI10, you can click here.

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