The Sidemen’s Vik Reaches an Impressive Divine 1 Rank


The Sidemen’s Vikkstar Reaches Divine 1 Rank in Dota 2

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The sidemen's Vik has attained the Divine rank, an impressive feat in Dota 2.
Vik spammed Ogre Magi to secure the Divine rank.

Vikram Singh Barn, affectionately known as Vikstar123 or simply Vik, has long been a prominent figure in the realm of YouTube gaming celebrities. Co-founding The Sidemen, one of the biggest YouTube groups out there, Vikram "Vik" Barn has etched his own distinctive mark within the gaming community.

Aside from being one of the top YouTubers, Vik often indulges in the world of Dota 2 during his leisure time. Recently, Vik took to Instagram and shared a story highlighting his new achievement of reaching the Divine rank in Dota 2.

Vik’s Hero Choices Carries Him till Divine

On 19th February, the YouTuber took to Instagram to share his new Dota 2 milestone. Sharing a photo of the Divine 1 rank achievement pop-up, he jokingly captioned it, “My greatest achievement.

The Sidemen’s Vik Reaches an Impressive Divine 1 Rank

Last year on 27th September 2023, AFK Gaming shed light on Vik’s passion for Dota 2 as a hobby. During that time, Vik was sitting at a respectable Ancient 1 rank. But since then the YouTuber seems to have been grinding his way up the MMR ladder. He's now on the 93.98 percentile of Dota 2 players after securing the Divine 1 rank.

As we delved into his hero choices in the earlier article, it was brought to our attention that Vik seemingly plays support only and has a particular affinity towards Ogre Magi and Jakiro. His hero choice trend seems to have followed him and the heroes have played a major role in his MMR rank up. In his recent 25 games, Vik has opted for Ogre Magi 22 times and opted for the twin-head dragon, Jakrio, three times.

According to, Vik boasts over 1,000 games with Ogre Magi in his lifetime and has a staggering win rate of 55.8% with the hero. His second favorite pick Jakiro has close to 200 games with a respectable 49% win rate. Vik’s first recorded Dota 2 match was on 23rd November 2013 and he has over 2,293 recorded matches (excluding turbo games) with an overall win rate of 51%.

Vik's Dota 2 profile

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Needless to say, with all the Ogre Magi and Jakiro spam, Vik has a versatility of 0.05. Notably, Vik’s Ogre Magi is in the Grandmaster tier and seems to be a hero pick you would not want to cross paths with!

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