RAMZES Spotted Playing Pub Games Instead of an Official Match


RAMZES Spotted Playing Pub Games Instead of an Official Match

Dorjee Palzang
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L1ga Team's Ramzes was spotted playing pub games while an official team game was underway
L1ga Team lost the first game of the tournament against MOUZ but has been successful in the lower bracket of the Dota2 World Invitationals tournament.
No reason were given by the organization or the player for this absence but its possible that Ramzes opted to sit out of the tournament due to the heartbreaking loss earlier that day

In a shocking turn of events, L1ga Team’s Roman "RAMZES666" Kushnarev sat out of the Dota2 World Invitationals official game against MOUZ and was spotted playing pub games instead. 

This shocking move from Ramzes came as a bit of a surprise to the community considering that Ramzes is the team captain for L1ga Team and even got his fans worried about this unannounced and unexpected absence. 

Following this incident, Alexander "v1olent`" Pak, who currently plays for Nemiga Gaming stepped up as the substitute carry for L1ga Team and has been playing with the team instead of Ramzes. 

Ramzes Missed Out Official Game at the Dota2 World Invitationals

During the ongoing Dota2 World Invitationals, an online tier 3 Dota 2 tournament L1ga Team was set to face MOUZ on the first day of the tournament. 

However, the Dota 2 community was left bewildered after seeing v1olent playing instead of Ramzes. This sudden roster change for the tournament came as a bit of a surprise and during the same time, Ramzes was seen playing pub games and enjoying himself. 

L1ga team lost the series against MOUZ and was knocked down to the lower bracket and played against Dandelions to avoid elimination. After beating Dandelions with a 2-0 clean sweep, L1ga Team played NaVi Juniors and were successful in beating them too, making their way onto the Lower Bracket semifinal.

The organization made no official announcement regarding this roster change and no reason was given for Ramzes sitting out of the tournament. A possible reason for Ramzes sitting out of the tournament could be the disappointing loss at the PGL Wallachia Season 1 Eastern Europe Closed Qualifiers against Virtus.pro. 

In the closed qualifiers, L1ga Team and Virtus.pro engaged in a heated best-of-five series for the sole slot at the upcoming PGL Wallachia Season 1 tournament. L1ga Team were able to take the first game of the series and boost their confidence but Virtus.pro were soon able to retake the lead and won three consecutive games back to back.to secure a spot in the main tournament.

However, this remains just a theory and there could be missing pieces of the puzzle to say for sure what happened at the Dota2 World Invitationals and we might not know for sure what happened behind the scenes or until L1ga Team or Ramzes himself makes an official statement. 

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