Quinn Leads Gaimin Gladiators to Emphatic Win Over Tundra in DreamLeague S19

Rakshak Kathuria
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Quinn at the Epicenter 2019</p></div>
Quinn at the Epicenter 2019


Gaimin Gladiators defeated Tundra Esports 2-0 in DreamLeague S19 group stage 2 to establish a commanding lead in the points table.
Gaimin's midlaner Quinn "Quinn" Callahan delivered another outstanding effort, winning his lanes in both games to give his squad a strong lead.
Tundra next plays Evil Geniuses while Gaimin will play OG on 19th April 2023.

Western Europe (WEU) has been a standout region in the DreamLeague Season 19, and a recent matchup between two of the region’s top teams, Gaimin Gladiators and Tundra Esports in group stage 2 ended emphatically for the former. Tundra, accustomed to meticulously establishing an advantage over its opponents in games, found itself on the receiving end of a humbling defeat as Gaimin executed a flawless laning stage and snowballed to victory in two games to close the series 2-0. In what was another fantastic performance from Gaimin's Quinn "Quinn" Callahan, the midlaner won his lanes once again to give his team a strong lead. In terms of advancing to the DreamLeague Season 19 playoffs, Gaimin has put itself in a strong position with this win.

Gaimin Gladiators vs Tundra Esports: Match recap and highlights


In game 1, Tundra drafted a squishy mix of core heroes including mid Riki, offlane Dark Seer, and carry Phantom Assassin. The laning phase saw little action as both teams resorted to farming, although the early time was only going to benefit Gaimin with the draft that featured Bounty Hunter. Tundra had no choice but to wait for skiter to become stronger on Phantom Assassin after sensing the opponents' assault. However, it did not work out since Gaimin had already itemized for it and won in 29 minutes.

In game 2, both sides chose heroes to counter the previous selections, with Wraith King for Tundra vs Doom and Lifestealer versus Wraith King. Something that was similar to the first game was Quinn outperforming Nine in the midlane and gaining an early Maelstorm timing. While both teams were scoring kills, Gaimin was gradually gaining an advantage through greedier item picks and farming patterns. Tundra did manage a couple of small skirmish victories, but when it came to 5v5 teamfights, Gaimin's execution stunned the opponents. Despite gaining the Aegis, Tundra lost two teamfights in short succession, resulting in a defeat in 32 minutes.


Here are some highlights of the series.

After winning the Lima Major 2023 a few months ago, Gaimin continues to impress and has proven that it is more than a one-tournament team. Its performances have shown a consistent level of top gameplay, particularly from the core. It's interesting that Gaimin has been just too tough for Team Liquid, who is currently the other top team in the world at the moment.

Even though Tundra has recently surged in form, the team has not risen to the occasion when faced with the best teams in the world.

In group stage 1, it looked great, but the absence of Martin "Saksa" Sazdov, who was replaced by Adam "Aramis" Moroz, may have also contributed to the slight performance dip. The team's road to the DreamLeague playoffs has now become more difficult after losing three and winning two series.

Tundra next plays Evil Geniuses while Gaimin will play OG on 19th April 2023.

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