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Team Liquid's livestreamer Max "qojqva" Bröcker recently shared an intriguing perspective on playing Dota 2 on weekends.
He said that Dota 2 ranked games degrade in quality over the weekend.
As qojqva pointed out, certain sections of players only play on weekends, and their playstyle and attitude make the experience agonizing for those who play on a regular basis.

During weekends, Dota 2 usually receives a surge in players, just like any other competitive esport. Team Liquid's livestreamer Max "qojqva" Bröcker shared an intriguing perspective on playing the game on weekends, during one of his recent Twitch livestreams. According to him, Dota 2 ranked games become worse in quality during weekends, so he was irked that Sunday was the next day for livestreaming. As qojqva humorously pointed out, certain sections of players only play on weekends, and their playstyle and attitude make the experience very excruciating for others who play regularly.

Qojqva expresses dissatisfaction with the quality of Dota 2 games during weekends

As qojqva was playing a game on Saturday, 12th August 2023, he suddenly realized the next day would be Sunday, which meant some tough games ahead of him.

Qojqva described how the weekend presents poorly played games because of two groups of players - account buyers and drunk players - who are active only on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays because of their busy schedules.

“Oh, my God! Tomorrow is Sunday. So, if you play Dota on any other day of the week, it’s usually fine. The deeper you go into the weekend, the worse it becomes. Because Friday and Saturday, you usually get the account buyers - the people that are like - I have a job, I have work, I have family, I have kids. I can’t play Dota that much but I am 9k MMR, just trust me. I am 3k MMR but in reality, I am 9k.

You get those on Friday and Saturday but on Sunday, you get those and the people that went out to drinking on Saturday so you get both. So, Sunday is by far the worst day to play Dota. When I play pro, I usually just skip playing on Sunday for the most part because it is that bad.”

According to Steam Charts, Dota 2 usually sets weekly peak player records on weekends. Over the five weekdays in the first week of August, peak player counts approached 600,000, but only crossed the number on Sunday, 6th August when it peaked at 636,022.

For nearly two years, qojqva has been Team Liquid's livestreamer, tuning in practically daily for long hours to draw a significant number of viewers. In terms of his professional career, he has been mostly away from it, although he is still listed as a member of Arkosh Gaming, which acts more as a casual squad in North America.

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