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MinD_ContRoL Says That WEU Continues to be the Best Dota 2 Region

Rakshak Kathuria
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Nigma's offlaner Ivan "MinD_ContRoL" Ivanov provided his thoughts on the current competition in Dota 2, playing with Yuma "Yuma" Langlet and Kasra "Mikey" Mesbah, and the recently announced patch 7.34.
Despite other teams coming up, Western Europe (WEU) remains the most formidable region, according to MinD_ContRoL.
For the last four months, Nigma's been playing with Yuma and Mikey. MinD_ContRoL thinks the team's composition is now a lot better. Both players present novel game insights.

A few days before The International 12 (TI12) qualifiers begin, Nigma Galaxy is getting in some crucial match practice at BetBoom Dacha. Following the team's win against Level Up, offlaner Ivan "MinD_ContRoL" Ivanov provided his thoughts on the current competition in Dota 2, playing with Yuma "Yuma" Langlet and Kasra "Mikey" Mesbah, and the recently announced patch 7.34. According to MinD_ContRoL, Western Europe (WEU) continues to be the most formidable region, despite other teams catching up. Furthermore, the two new Nigma core players and their novel ideas have proven to be an enlightening experience.

MinD_ContRoL talks about WEU Dota, Yuma and Mikey, and patch 7.34

While actively practicing in scrims and BetBoom Dacha, MinD_ContRoL explained that they compete against teams from all regions to gain a sense of all playstyles, but WEU remains the strongest.

“We do not have any preference. We like playing against all teams, we practice against any team but we can learn from every region. There are different playstyles. In my opinion, Western Europe still has the best Dota but I think all the regions are catching up. So, it’s nice to see that it’s not only Western Europe for the whole year and other regions are getting better.”

Meanwhile, for the past four months, Nigma has been playing with Yuma and Mikey and MinD_ContRoL feels that the composition of the team is now in order. Both players present very insightful perspectives on the game.

“The new team is very nice. The guys are really humble and they are really nice. I learned a lot of new things about the game. They are new players and they provide a lot of new ideas for us. They are the things I never think of honestly. It is something that improves my game a lot and I hope they learn something from me also.”

Over the past two years, Nigma has struggled with composition problems, competing with players such as Sumail "SumaiL" Hassan, Ammar "ATF" Al-Assaf, and many others, but never found success as it used to. Attempting to switch roles with MinD_ContRoL as the carry also did not work out, with the player saying that it was "cringe."

“I feel great. The carry was cringe, not going to lie. I understood I can’t be arrogant at all (laughs). I need to stick to my role.”

In the new patch 7.34, MinD_ContRoL said that he is still getting a hang of the changes.

“I am still thinking about the patch. I need to read all the time. The changes are more like - you need to get used to them. It’s not about anything is surprising at this point. I have seen too many things in Dota 2.”

Nigma is currently in the finals of the BetBoom Dacha - Online Stage, where it will face either Nemiga Gaming or Level Up for a spot in the LAN event.

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