Mason joins the 10K MMR Club Under 900 Games


Mason joins the 10K MMR Club Under 900 Games

Dorjee Palzang
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Dota 2 streamer, mason hits the 10K MMR milestone with his new account in under 900 games
In a victory speech, he claimed that he was better than BSJ and qojqva and threw jabs at these two players

On 28th March, former Dota 2 professional turned Twitch streamer Mason "mason" Venne officially joined the 10K MMR club in under nine hundred games. Interestingly, mason was able to achieve this feat despite putting himself at a disadvantage by playing in the European Dota 2 region with an average of 138 ms latency. 

After hitting 10K MMR, mason being mason, threw jabs at fellow Dota 2 streamer, Max "qojqva" Bröcker for not being able to reach the 10K MMR milestone (qojqva currently has more than 11k MMR, just to be clear) and even went on to say he was better than Brian "BSJ" Canavan because he achieved 10K MMR points in less than 1/15th of BSJ’s total games played.

mason Hits 10K MMR: Throws Jabs at qojqva and BSJ

North American Dota 2 streamer, mason made headlines at the end of 2023 after he received the “Highly Toxicl Lump of Coal.” in the Frostivus Event Gift bag. Following the incident, he soon found his main account permanently banned from the game and had to resort to making a new profile and starting afresh. 

After making a new account, mason calibrated his new account into the 8K MMR bracket, which was much like the banned account’s 8K MMR.

Following the calibration into 8K MMR on 4th January, mason finally climbed the milestone of 10K MMR on 27th March, that too by playing on the European servers with over 130 ms latency. Due to this fact, he made fun of fellow Dota 2 streamer qojqva for having lower latency than him but still a lower rank compared to him.

Mason said, “qoqjva’s as* is literally sitting on the server and he still can’t lane, he still can’t climb. Fat as* qojqva, fat fu*king as* qojqva can’t even sit on the fuc*ing server, bro. He still can’t climb, it’s pathetic. Bro… I play on 10 ping, and I auto-win all the games. 10K now, 10K achieved, 11K will be done in no time that’s a guarantee and I will be 12K, and these guys… These European times I’ll be fuc*ing shitting on them.

He further added, “I'll be crushing on them boys, I'll be crushing on them. It's going to be a beautiful day. America's going to reign Supreme. I will bring NA back to relevancy, me, myself, and I in the streaming game. I will be the NA streamer who is 12K, and all these other Europeans, all these Russians, all these little CIS, they'll be 11K, 10K, 9K, doesn't matter. This will be the best stream in Dota 2 in a year, guaranteed, guaranteed, boys."

He was also quick to point out that BSJ, who recently achieved the 10K MMR milestone as well did it after 15,000 games of Dota 2 while mason did it under 900 games and said he achieved the same achievement as BSJ but it only took him three months compared to BSJ’s ten years.

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