mason Calibrates To 8K MMR On New Account

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Previously banned streamer mason calibrates to 8K MMR on his new Dota 2 account.
Despite it being his new account, mason's behavior and communication scores continue suffer the same fate and haven't changed

Dota 2 streamer Mason "mason" Venne, who made headlines last month for getting banned live on stream, has calibrated into the 8000 MMR [match making rating] bracket on his new account. The American player was banned after receiving a “Highly Toxic Lump of Coal in the Frostivus Gift bag as he utilized behavior-boosting services, which is clearly against Valve’s Terms of Service.

However, the streamer’s new account behavior scores are not doing too well either as it is currently around 8000. This prevents him from coaching and his communication score is around 7000 which prevents him from pinging ally abilities, using voice chat, and coaching.

mason’s Dota 2 Journey on New Account

On 4th January, mason calibrated into the 8000 MMR bracket on his new account. The streamer remarked, “They literally just gave me my old account. They literally just gave me my old account that's funny.” mason was pleased to see he was calibrated to the 8000 MMR bracket again. He was notably an 8K MMR player on his main account before the ban.

After the ban, mason was emotional and said he would refrain from playing Dota 2 for a month to punish himself for breaking the Valve Terms of Service. However, he was seen playing Dota 2 after a few days of the ban, during which time he indulged in other game titles like League of Legends, World of Warcraft, and Elden Ring.

mason went back to his old ways very soon. Not afraid to spew slurs at anyone in the game, mason showed glimpses of his old self on stream recently. This resulted in him getting a behavior score of around 8000 and a communication score of around 7000.

mason's behavior and communication score

Recently, he was seen losing his temper on stream and went out of his way to threaten Valve to give him another “coal.” After raging at his teammates, “You guys wanna report me? You guys wanna be fu***g r****ds? Okay, I’ll do this too. I’ll play r*tard too, I cannot ruin games? I can ruin games too. I’ll ruin games, I’LL RUIN EVERY FU***G GAME. I don’t care, I don’t care, give a ban. Give me another coal you stupid fat fu****g r***d. Valve you fu****g r****d.

After this, he promised to go full PMA mode (Positive Mental Attitude) to increase his behavior score.

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