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LESLAO Explains the Difference Between SVG and Fata as Quincy Crew Captains

Rakshak Kathuria
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LESLAO, who spent more than a year with Quincy Crew in 2021-22, recently returned to the team and found roughly the same lineup, except for Fata being the captain in place of SVG.
During a recent DPC interview, LESLAO spoke about the differences between Fata and SVG. According to him, SVG was a more joyful captain but Fata takes greater initiative during games.
In Tour 3 so far, the recent roster changes, including Fata's arrival, appear to be paying off for Quincy Crew, as the squad has won three series in a row by a 2-0 scoreline.

When Quincy Crew announced three roster changes ahead of the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) 2021-22 Tour 3, two former players, Rodrigo "LESLAO" Santos and Arif "MSS" Anwar returned. As a result, the sole change from Quincy Crew's The International 10 (TI10) squad was Adrian "Fata" Trinks taking over as the new position five/captain. Following the team's third straight Tour 3 series victory, LESLAO spoke on the contrasts between Fata and Avery "SVG" Silverman, who was the captain of the TI10 roster. LESLAO considers SVG to be a more cheerful and humorous captain than Fata, who is more serious and takes greater charge than SVG during games.

LESLAO says SVG is a more joyful captain but Fata takes greater initiative during games

Having spent more than a year with Quincy Crew in 2021-22, LESLAO recently returned to the squad and found himself playing with roughly the same lineup, with the exception of Fata replacing SVG as captain.

LESLAO described how SVG was a more vibrant character in a team, saying that he is a "clown," cracking a lot of jokes and keeping the atmosphere upbeat. Fata, on the other hand, was a more serious captain, LESLAO noted.

“I would say that Fata brings different things than SVG would bring and more generally, he talks more in the game than SVG would talk. I think Avery (SVG) is a good person for the team in the way he would bring the mood up, he would be really funny, and he was a very serious person when he had to be. Fata is also that but he is not as joyful as SVG because that guy is a clown, you know. He makes it a bunch of jokes, super funny to be around.”

LESLAO mentioned that Fata may not be the fun captain SVG was, but he brought with him the capability of calling the shots during games, which the team lacked for a long time.

“Fata is a lot more vocal in the game and that helps the team a lot because we have struggled with that for a while. I am not like an innate captain thing. I do talk but a lot of the time I don’t really take charge. Fata does that a lot for us. So, it helps a lot.”

As the league has fared so far for Quincy Crew, the roster changes, including Fata’s arrival, seem to be paying off. So far, the team was won all three of its series by a 2-0 score but what makes these victories most notable is the dominant performance it put forth to defeat TSM, which recently finished at the Stockholm Major 2022.

Having set its sights on qualifying for the PGL Arlington major, Quincy Crew’s next series will take place on 25th June against Wildcard Gaming.

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