Is Omniknight Topson’s New Pugna? Over 70% Win rate with Omniknight


Is Omniknight Topson’s New Pugna? Boasts Over 70% Win rate with Omniknight

Dorjee Palzang
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Topson, known for his unconventional heroes and builds was recently spotted playing Omniknight mid
He has a staggering 77% winrate with Omniknight in the last eight days
He was also seen playing Omniknight in professional games and won both the games in PGL Wallachia Season 1: Western Europe Closed Qualifier

Topias "Topson" Taavitsainen, the Finnish maestro known for his unorthodox hero selections and innovative item builds, has once again defied expectations. Opting for Omniknight as a mid-laner, Topson has been dominating the battlefield with an impressive 70% win rate over the last eight days.

Notably, Topson busted out his Omniknight midlane twice during the PGL Wallachia Season 1: Western Europe Closed Qualifier and won in both instances. 

The crux of Topson's strategy seems to revolve around Omniknight's Hammer of Purity, a spell introduced in patch 7.31 that deals pure damage based on a percentage of his base damage, coupled with Phylactery. This combination not only offers a hefty nuke potential but also a considerable burst capability that has seldom been explored with Omniknight in the mid-lane role.

Topson Sports Omniknight Mid Laner in Recent Days

"Everything can work," a mantra once professed by Topson's former teammate Johan "N0tail" Sundstein, perfectly encapsulates the spirit with which Topson approaches the game. Known for his penchant for playing unconventional heroes in the mid lane, such as Pugna, Oracle, and Dazzle, Topson's addition of Omniknight to his arsenal continues to challenge and redefine traditional Dota 2 strategies.

The Hammer of Purity's introduction has unlocked new possibilities for Omniknight, enabling players to experiment with him in roles beyond the traditional offlane.

First introduced in patch 7.31, Omnikngiht’s Hammer of Purity deals pure damage based on a percentage (60%/80%/100%/120% ) of his base damage and slows the target. This can also be enhanced by the Level 25 talent (+75% Hammer of Purity icon Hammer of Purity Damage).

Its synergy with Omniknight's other abilities, such as Repel, which grants bonus strength and enhances the damage of Hammer of Purity, and his ultimate, which provides the ability to dive towers with impunity, presents a compelling case for Omniknight's viability in the mid-lane.

Topson's approach to building Omniknight centers around maximizing his burst potential and mobility. Starting with Phylactery for its health and mana benefits, followed by a Blink Dagger for enhanced positioning, and rounding off with Kaya and Sange for the balance of damage and survivability, this build encapsulates a strategy that is both aggressive and resilient.

As the Dota 2 community continues to digest and analyze Topson's recent showcases, it's clear that his innovative playstyle not only entertains but also influences the meta, encouraging players to explore the untapped potential of heroes in unconventional roles. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a curious newcomer, experimenting with Topson's Omniknight build might just unveil a new level of gameplay experience in your ranked matches.

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