Insane Dota 2 Bug Causes Player to Change Teams Resulting in 4 vs 6 Match


Insane Dota 2 Bug Causes Player to Change Teams Resulting in 4 vs 6 Match

Dorjee Palzang
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A bizzare new bug was discovered in Dota 2 due to which a Juggernaut in Radiant suddenly switched teams to Dire.
Reddit users speculate that the Watcher was involved in this bug interaction and ruled it as a possible reason for triggering this issue.
No official announcement or statement has been released by Valve regarding this matter.

Is Dota 2 really still in beta as the community claims? This infamous joke within the Dota 2 community arises whenever a hilarious new bug is discovered in the game. Well after the recent bug that caused a player to change his teams altogether, this question has more weight than ever before.

On 31st March 2024, Sunday - 10 players entered a lobby for a chill Dota 2 session, choosing to play Turbo over the normal game mode, for a quick does of entertainment, little did they know Valve had other things planned for them. 

Things took a wild turn during the match following a crazy interaction between Juggernaut’s Swiftslash and Ogre Magi’s Mirror Shield, causing Juggernaut, who was in Radiant, to switch sides and become a part of Ogre Magi’s team, which was Dire.

All players in the server were shocked, scratching their heads at the weird 4 vs 6 situation that they were presented with. 

“If You Can’t Beat ‘em, Join ‘em” - Mind Boggling Dota 2 Bug Leaves Players Flummoxed

On a casual Sunday morning, Dota 2 player 'Light Street' hopped into a game of Turbo Mode unaware that the events that would unfold during his match will be recorded as the first in history.

Reddit user 'u/immortal_alex' took to the platform after the game and posted, “At 30:45 Juggernaut used Swiftslash at Ogre with Mirror Shield aaaaaand from this moment we played 4 vs 6, cause Juggernaut switched to the enemy team.”

Baffled by this new bug, the Dota 2 community scrambled for answers and 'u/DimasDSF' replied in the comment section, providing the puzzled users with a possible explanation that could have led to such a bizarre incident.

He explained that the Watchers when triggered by a team will cause it to receive a 'Lit Buff' during which time it will act like it’s a part of the team that triggered it.

He further elucidated, “In this case, the ogre is casting the light lantern ability and jugg forces the ogre to start casting omnislash on jugg, this switches the cursor target to jugg while not interrupting the lantern ability's cast, at the end of the channel jugg receives the "Lit" buff and this switches him to the ogre's team when the buff expires he should be put on the neutral team.

Dire eventually won due to the unfair 4 vs 6 advantage and according to a post game text from the victim player, his match history recorded a win despite being on the Radiant side when he began.

And for those who are wondering, here is the Dota 2 Match Number: 7662831135

Dota 2 is no stranger to new bugs and there are reports of numerous bugs discovered within the game from time to time. Considering that the game was first released to the general public in 2013, over 11 years ago the Dota 2 community still jokes that the game is still in beta due to the numerous mind-boggling game bugs.

At the time of writing no words were released by the developer regarding this matter and it has not been confirmed if this bug is fixed or not.

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