gpk Reveals How MieRo Joining and Pure Leaving Affected BetBoom Team


gpk Reveals How MieRo Joining and Pure Leaving Affected BetBoom Team

Dorjee Palzang
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During a recent interview with, gpk revealed that things have become easier since Pure left and MieRo joined
He revealed that Pure and Nightfall would often quarrel amongst themselves which disturbed the sanctity of the team.
However, MieRo on the other hand was obedient, followed calls and would come up with own conclusions,

Dota 2 player from Russia, Danil "gpk" Skutin, recently spoke about the changes that the BetBoom Team has noticed since the arrival of Matvey "MieRo`" Vasyunin and the departure of Ivan "Pure" Moskalenko.

On 22nd March 2024, during an interview with, gpk who is the midlaner for BetBoom shared his thoughts on a variety of topics ranging from how he spent his leisure time to the disappointment he faced after elimination from The International 2023.

One part of the discussion was about how good of a fit was MieRo for the BetBoom Team and the state of the roster right now compared to when Pure was a part of this lineup.

gpk Provides Valuable Insights on BetBoom Team 

During a recent interview, gpk shed some light on how easier things have become since MieRo joined BetBoom because of his obedience and ability to draw conclusions independently. 

He further revealed that when Pure was a part of BetBoom, he would always fight with Egor "Nightfall" Grigorenko, creating an atmosphere not ideal for any team looking to win tournaments.

In his response, gpk said, “I think it's definitely easier for us in this lineup. Before, Ivan [Pure] and Egor [Nightfall] were always arguing with each other in the game.

He further added, “Now Matyukha [MieRo] is here - he just listens, draws his own conclusions, and we help him develop within our vision of the game. So, yes, it's definitely gotten easier in that respect.

Furthermore, gpk said that, “You need balance in a team. You can't have a lot of people like Egor [Nightfall] and Ivan [MieRo] in the squad at the same time - you just won't win tournaments. But this is my IMHO, of course. Maybe now some team will start to *** everyone at the expense of this.

MieRo joined BetBoom Team on 11th January and on the same day, Pure was loaned out to Tundra Esports as its new carry. Since MieRo joined the BetBoom Team, it has secured third place at the BetBoom Dacha 2024 Dubai and second place at the recently concluded DreamLeague Season 22. 

On the other hand, after Pure joined Tundra, he became the captain of the team which caused a misunderstanding with Ivan “MinD_ContRoL” Ivanov.

According to MinD_ContRoL, he was promised the captainship and Pure becoming the captain led him to leave the team. However, he recently apologized publicly for the earlier outburst.

Tundra Esports have since only managed to secure a 9th-10th place finish at the recently concluded DreamLeague Season 22 but have qualified for the upcoming ESL One Birmingham 2024.  

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