Gpk Becomes the Twelfth Dota 2 Player to Reach 13K MMR


Gpk Becomes Twelfth Dota 2 Player to Reach 13K MMR

Dorjee Palzang
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gpk becomes the twelfth player in Dota 2 history to secure the 13K MMR achievement.
gpk notably reached the 13K MMR milestone after a substantial time frame since achieving the 12K MMR rating back in 2021.
The race for 14k MMR is now intense and Entity's watson is leading the pack with 13.5K MMR.

In the world of competitive Dota 2, the 13K MMR symbolizes players at the top of the chain - the highest pinnacle a Dota 2 player can currently summit. With over 420,000 active players in the last month, becoming one of the twelve players to reach the 13K MMR milestone is no joke. 

On 29th March 2024, BetBoom Team’s Danil "gpk" Skutin became one of the twelve players in Dota 2 history to reach the 13K MMR milestone. A feat that was first achieved by Southeast Asia’s Nuengnara "23" Teeramahanon back in December 2022. 

gpk Records New Achievement in Dota 2: Becomes Twelfth Player to Reach 13K MMR

Following this achievement, gpk took to Telegram and shared a screenshot of his MMR with his fans and followers to celebrate this milestone. Due to this, gpk is now ranked seventh in the Dota 2 European Leaderboard.

Notably, gpk took almost three years to climb from 12K to 13K MMR, displaying the difficulty of this feat.

BetBoom Team’s gpk recently took to Telegram and announced that he had hit the 13K MMR milestone after almost three years of being in the 12K MMR bracket. He shared a screenshot of his MMR page and match history and candidly captioned it “MMR FOR TRASH.

Notably, this new achievement secured by gpk has propelled him up in the Dota 2 European leaderboards and he currently sits at rank seven, the leaderboard pretty obviously being led by Entity’s Alimzhan "watson" Islambekov.

gpk mmr

Gpk currently has over 89.5% win rate in the last eight days of gameplay. However, despite Valve taking strict action against smurfing, gpk seems to be actively smurfing according to Dota2protracker.

His third smurf account has been active with over 22 games played in the last eight days. This may be to preserve the MMR integrity of his main account as a loss could mean that his main account will fall back into the 12K MMR range.

On another note, unlike other games Dota 2 has no seasonal MMR reset, instead, it has an MMR reset button that players can access through the account settings in-game once every 365 days. 

Due to the lack of a forced seasonal MMR reset, it is theoretically possible that a 14K MMR player may emerge soon and Entity’s watson seems to be the top contender for the achievement as he achieved 13.5K MMR on 23rd March 2024.

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