Gorgc Explains Why Gaimin Gladiators Is Struggling at TI12

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Gorgc talks about Gaimin Gladiators' form at TI12</p></div>
Gorgc talks about Gaimin Gladiators' form at TI12


Gorgc talked about the downward trajectory of Gaimin Gladiators at The International 2023 (TI12).
Talking about Gaimin Gladiators' current form, Gorgc highlighted the ever-evolving nature of Dota 2's meta and competitive scene.

European Dota 2 team Gaimin Gladiators had set the world of esports abuzz with its stellar performances throughout 2023, culminating in the conquest of five tier-1 tournaments. However, its journey at The International 2023 (TI12) took an unexpected turn for the worse, leaving both fans and analysts intrigued.

After going 5-3 in the group stage and losing the seeding series to Talon Esports, Gaimin Gladiators has to advance further in the tournament via the gruesome lower bracket in the playoffs.

Prominent Dota 2 streamer Janne "Gorgc" Stefanovski, who has been actively hosting watch parties for TI12, offered some insightful commentary on the team's challenges. Gorgc weighed in on the downward trajectory of Gaimin Gladiators at TI12.

Gorgc Reasons Gaimin Gladiators Current TI12 Form

The Gaimin Gladiators' accolades leading up to The International 2023 were extraordinary. The team secured victories at prestigious events such as the Lima Major 2023, Berlin Major 2023, Bali Major 2023, and even BetBoom Dacha 2023. Notably, it became the first team since OG's 2016-2017 streak to win three consecutive Majors. This remarkable run established Gaimin Gladiators as a formidable contender at The International 2023, Dota 2's marquee event.

However, its performance at TI12 has been quite different from the dominance it displayed in earlier tournaments. In the group stages, Gaimin Gladiators secured a 5-3 win-loss record. A surprising defeat against underdog SEA team Talon Esports relegated it to the lower bracket, a situation that calls for a challenging climb back to the championship contention.

While talking about Gaimin Gladiators’ current form, Gorgc underscored the ever-evolving nature of Dota 2. He noted the frequency of game patches that tweak hero abilities, items, and gameplay mechanics.

He said, "It's kind of simple; they [Gaimin Gladiators] played with the best sh**, and because they won with the best sh**, that **** got nerfed. So now it's hard to abuse it, so now they're back to square one for TI."

He added, "Always sucks winning a lot before TI because your sh** gets nerfed, right? All in all, you can't be the best forever."

He noted how Gladiators initially played with better strategies, and with more wins, those strategies weakened with nerfs and further updates, leaving the team high and dry at the beginning of TI. 

Gorgc's analogy to traditional sports like basketball was particularly insightful. He likened Dota 2 to a sport where the rules and playing field change continually, as opposed to basketball, where the game remains relatively consistent.

In Dota 2, when a team becomes too successful with a particular strategy, that strategy often gets "nerfed." He brought up an intriguing thought and questioned how basketball would be like if the hoop was moved to a different location every time a player scored.

As a result, Gorgc opined that this dynamic nature of Dota 2 makes it challenging for a team to maintain its dominance indefinitely.

He also highlighted the uncertainty of staying at the top in the Dota 2 competitive scene. While some players and teams manage to stay competitive for extended periods, this demands constant adaptation and adjustment to the shifting game balance.

Gaimin Gladiators' struggles at The International 2023 serve as a stark reminder of the ever-changing landscape of Dota 2. As TI12 resumes playoffs action on 20th October, many eyes will be on Gaimin Gladiators' journey through the lower bracket.

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