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Fng Shares His Opinion on Alliance’s DPC Results

Rakshak Kathuria
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Alliance has had a rough start to its DPC 2021-22 Tour 3 campaign, having lost three series in a row by 2-0 scorelines.
Former Alliance player Artsiom "Fng" Barshak, shared his thoughts on the team's current performance during a recent livestream.
According to Fng, Alliance just "sucked" and there was no single explanation for its poor performance. Multiple reasons contributed to such a dip in performance, he added.

While the promotion back to the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) Division 1 in Tour 3 came as a welcome development for Alliance’s Dota 2 team, so far Division 1 has proven to be rather tough, as it has lost three consecutive series by 2-0 scorelines. In a recent Twitch livestream, Artsiom "Fng" Barshak, who served Alliance in 2020-21 as a position five player for more than a year, discussed the team's current performance. Fng remarked that Alliance simply "sucked" and there was no single explanation or excuse for its poor performance. He then went on to list a number of factors that are leading to Alliance's poor results.

Fng believes Alliance's current performance simply "sucks"

Alliance has struggled to effectively compete with its opponents so far this season. Fng, who was a key part of Alliance last year, wasn't shy about expressing his concerns about the form of the current team. From performing poorly on both an individual and team level and drafting ineffectively, he said that the team just “sucked.”

“Why does everything at Alliance suck so badly? Because they suck, there's no other excuse for that. But there could be a million reasons, from the fact that they just don't play well individually, to the fact that they do everything badly as a team: no ideas for drafts, games, and so on.”

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Alliance has failed to provide much resistance in its three losses against Tundra Esports, Team Secret, and Team Liquid except in game one of the series against Secret and Liquid. In less than an hour, Tundra crushed Alliance in a series that was an absolute stomp.

There was a chance for Alliance to win game one in the series against Secret, but a bad teamfight led to a snowball effect that favored Secret. Similarly, a spectacular Hoodwink performance from Aliwi "w33" Omar gave Alliance a slight chance in the first game of the series against Liquid, but they could not prevail to claim the win.

Alliance's co-owner and coach, Jonathan "Loda" Berg, tweeted his thoughts after the loss to Liquid. As he noted, he hates losing, and although the team has had a "terrible start" to Division 1, they will try their best to get back on track.

The next matchup for Alliance is against goonsquad on 28th June, which is arguably the team's most anticipated matchup for the season since goonsquad consists of three former Alliance members. As important as the series may be to the players from a personal perspective, it will also have significant implications since both teams are currently in the bottom half of the points table.

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